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  • Baiana - Great Little Chair!!!!!!!!I got this chair for my 9 months old grandson because I wanted him to sit at the table with us, and , given the space I have in the kitchen, I did not want to by a high chair. After reading the reviews and based on the way it looks, I chose Inglesina 2011 fast chair. I am very pleased with my choice!
    I chose the color Mandarino and it looks great on my kitchen counter! It is very easy to clean! Because it has a strong grip on the furniture it is very safe and, yet, given the soft rubber material it wont damage a wood table. The padding is soft and comfortable. The material is of high quality. It is very easy to place on and to take it out of a table. It folds nicely to a small flat volume, which can be carried with you everywhere you go. My only concern though is, although I never tried, how it will handle a small light table. My grandson is 24 lbs and will easily flip a small table. However, it is great for kitchen counters and solid firm tables. My grandson loves the chair! I strongly recommend this chair if you want your little one around while cooking, cleaning, or eating.
  • C. Macauley "cmacauley" - Superb Teaching ToolI first started using this book when I worked in a refugee camp in 1984. Since then I've used material from it in training workshops in 12 different countries. It's hard to overemphasize how important this book is, not only as a text, but from a philosophical standpoint: Werner has spent his life trying to decrease our dependence on the medical establishment and this book does it perfectly, carefully noting when and why we need to seek professional care, but listing all the areas of health that can be managed at home, even for people with little or no education. It's simple, smart, kind and filled with clear, delightful illustrations. Updated editions do a good job of maintaining Werner's original intent, and spin-offs carry on his philosophy into other areas of health. The book is so widely translated and used that it has changed the way aid agencies operate. Utterly brilliant!