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  • William E. Gordon - Always Works with minimal effort by me.Norton has a great user interface and requires minimal effort on my part. I was able to set up my mothers home computer with certain restrictions for my nephews (note I didn't say nieces). The family friendly program would send me alerts if they attempted to venture into the Dark Side. Viruses, spam, and whatever else I have unintentionally thrown at it have been quarantined, filtered, and deleted like moths to a flame.
  • J. Davis - Even with Dual Core, Still a Great Little TabletI've had a Nexus 7 and Nook HD+, but I just got this and am insanely glad I did so.

    The Nexus had a degrading processor, so while it was fast, it would get slower with each update. The Nook HD+ was beautiful to view, but very unwieldy and slower than molasses. This is the sweet spot: beautiful to view, light to hold, and surprisingly nimble. I may upgrade to the HDX next year, but if you are a reader and sometime video watcher, this tablet is fantastic.
  • vernas - Worked twice!It worked for me, twice. Once for a boy and once for a girl. I waited until 14 weeks with my son and with my daughter took it right away at 12 weeks. That test didn't work. I found it on sale and bought another and took it again at 14 weeks and it said girl. We're expecting our 3rd child and I just bought my test. I'll be waiting until 14 weeks to take it. I don't put a lot of faith in it working but it's fun to do.