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  • M.U.T.Lee Bayer - Dr. Phil continues w/ his usual sage adviceThis review is in part from my Mom, I bought the book at her request, she gave it 5 stars, and says that if everyone read it the world would be a better place. it will help those that tend to be doormats for others and gives insight into the some of the selfish behavior of some that have little regard for the feelings of others. It seems a little cynical to me but I can see the value of it. Overall, I think it is a helpful book and a worthy read.
  • - This diet saved my daughter's quality of life.Anyone with Crohn's Colitus or another Intestinal disease.. or actually any other autoimmune condition owes it to themselves to read this book and give this diet a try. There are apparently no other options when it comes to effectively controling debilitating symptoms without drugs with their own side effects.I hear that the diet works in 80 percent of cases. It did in ours. My daugher was on the road to recovery within days. Within weeks, her blood tests became normal. In years to come I am certain that this will be the routine treatment but until then, you need to supplement your more than likely disbelieving doctor's advice with this healthy diet and in time, you will may not need meds. There are also many websites offering support.
    The author has dedicated her life to making this diet known after her own daughter was cured, with health repaired by this same diet, developed by a deceased MD.
  • EZSEEK "Life is EZ, when you SEEK!." - ANOTHER, MUST HAVE, FOR KINDLE FIRE FOOTBALL FANS!!Great game, and hard to believe it is free$$. Game effects are awesome for a kindle fire game. Won my first game, but need to work on deffence more, even though I stripped the ball 3 times. :-p Remember most of all: it's EZ, when you SEEK, all your Must Have apps™…
  • K. Pascual - In all honesty: a 4.5-ratingTHis album is conceptually different as well as musically different from the previous two albums. The songs take a more sinister view on humans and veiwing them as animals. THe backup singers and Dick Parry's saxophone have been replaced by David Gilmour's fine guitar work. And most noticably, Waters has taken control and read a lot of George Orwell. Also the unusual length of the songs make the album stand-out.

    A great album nonetheless but still not nearly as good as its predecesors(DSOTM, WYWH).

    1. Pigs on the Wing 1: Not conceptually linked but adds a touch of flavor to the album as a love song to Waters' wife. This should have been combined with part 2 and have including Snowy White's bridging guitar solo that was on the 8-track. (1:26)

    2. Dogs: Great Beginning and end however the interlude and bridges makes the song slightly loose momentum. Good Song Nonetheless. (17:08)

    3. Pigs: Another good song with political metaphors pertaining to the 1970s. A hard-edged song that seems to be influenced by the emerging Punk scene. However like Dogs it seems to drift endlessly. (11:28)

    4. Sheep: My favorite song on the album the describes the rise of the proletariat, so to speak. The only song that doesn't feel like it is 10 minutes. The ending is truly great in that the simple guitat solo creates a profounding effect. It would have been better to have this song as the album-closer. (10:20)

    5. Pigs on the Wing 2: See Pigs on the Wing 1. (1:26)
  • rgregg - Great gift for the young girls or the Barbie fansI gave the Barbie collector doll to a friend and she really loved it. It comes in a festive box with lipstick and nail polish reflecting the lovely red dress she is wearing. The silver detail on the dress is reflected in the necklace and earrings. Lush long blond hair and even eyeshadow that sparkles and adds to the detail. A lovely way to introduce Barbie to a new collector or satisfy the long term fan.