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  • Tom Manteuffel - The After-war Gets its DueDavid Finkle wrote a masterpiece in The Good Soldiers, earning a well-deserved Pulitzer Prize for the best book to come out of the Iraq War. This sequel, on the 'after-war', cuts even deeper. Finkle has a novelist's eye for detail, and his style is to recreate intimate scenes and thoughts of his subjects in ways that make you wonder whether he was there, while carefully erasing his own presence. He's also erased the line between journalism and literature, simply by listening hard to what his subjects were telling him.

    I harbor a fantasy that in the future, prior to committing the nation to any war, our political leaders will read this book, and that it will teach them just a little about the psychic damage war will inflict upon thousands of young, naive, and deeply patriotic persons, along with their families.
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