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  • Richard P. Todd - Don't mind the whiners - This game is awesomeI don't know what all the whining (QQing) is about. This game is awesome. The graphics are great, it's challenging, there's a TON of replay value - almost too much. The multi-player aspects of it are unparalleled: you can go from starting the application to standing next to your friends fighting monsters in less than 30 seconds. Most of the complaints are about Blizzard trying to get the balance of the game just right. How can anyone expect anything else from a game with this many players that has some MMO aspects to it (mainly the auction house)?

    Disregard the whiners, buy it, and enjoy the heck out of it!
  • Spillner - Best tablet on the marketPurchased the tablet on 2/9/12 and haven't regretted it one bit. Its the fastest Android tablet I've seen and more than a match for the iPad. Its not 100% but the pros out weigh the cons.

    The Good:

    Thin and light, you wont get tired holding it in your hand. Upon booting it up after charging I was prompted for a firmware update as well as ICS and an upgraded camera. After the updates went through I started using it. This thing screams. Theirs no lag between home screens, app tray, opening/closing apps and internet browsing. This thing gives you the performance you've been waiting for in an Android device. The screen is one of the nicest I've seen. The viewing angles are amazing and the picture is very crisp. I can't see any pixels.

    The keyboard dock is also a must have for this device as it truly separates it from any other tablet on the market. Typing is very responsive and the track pad works great. USB and SD card ports are great and really add extra functionality to this device. The extended battery life ensure you'll be using this all day. It really turns this into a netbook.

    The bad:

    Stand alone GPS does not work. I would never use this as a turn by turn navigation device since I already own an android phone so the lack of stand alone GPS isn't crucial too me and I knew it was bad when I bought it. Wifi with GPS does work, so tagging locations or doing searches based on location function just fine.

    Not a ton of apps. Although this is a android fault and not a TP problem, their are not enough tablet optimized apps yet. The number is growing but for now Apple is the king of tablet apps.

    Its Purple not grey. In some lights it may look grey but most of the time its purple.

    So why 5 stars? Non of the problems I see with this effect me. I bought this for browsing the internet, playing games, reading, watching movies and updating Facebook and emails. It does all of those just fine. The apps will come just as they did with the phones.
  • sjd402 - Thanks for the memories.Thank you Sarah for a beautiful book, for reminding everyone, even if they don't want to know, of the true meaning of Christmas. When I read this book, I also relive a lot of my own memories as well as getting to share Sarah's. I live in the city of the birth of the freedom from religion movement and fight it every day. Thanks again Sarah.
  • Big Dog's Wang "Riggs" - We came in.....Please people, stop rating each track individually. You cannot possible rate an album such as `The Wall' in this way.

    And those who rate it as `gloomy and depressing', IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE, FOR ****'S SAKE!! It's about the decent into madness of a Rock star who's off his trolley on puff, neglecting his wife, lost his dad, mollycoddled by his mum and just generally hates the world. Yes it's self indulgent, but look through the indulgence and you will see there's a message here. It's message is similar in a way to Supertramp's `Hide in your shell', in that it's telling you to stop living in your own cocoon of fear and loathing, and to wake up and realise that there are people who care for you, and people with similar or even worse problems than you.

    If anything, I find this album uplifting. Just listen to the lyrics on 'Outside the Wall'.

    I've listened intently to The Wall for over 24 years. The whole album is a master class in musical production, including the clever subliminal things that you don't notice unless someone brings it to your attention.

    Isn't this where......
  • Brook Klassen - A night inI got this to surprise my boyfriend. We had a movie night and just had games and candy. This set was great. It had a lot of different candies and snacks. Some of the games seemed a little cheap. We had a lot of fun and I feel like it was worth it! it was a great party pack! I also wanted to add that when I purchased this bundle, it was around $30 it was worth 30, but i wouldn't pay that much more.