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Country: Europe, AT, Austria

  • Merrill - Three Wolves arrive in AfghanistanAs I sat in my office on the other side of the world waiting with baited breath for my Three Wolves Shirt to arrive I knew I would be faced with a difficult choice, to wear or not to wear. The day my shirt arrive was much like any day here in Afghanistan, crappy! But that was to change once I ventured down to the mail pick up point. I could feel the power of the shirt drawing me to a small white package. I grabbed the package and ran to my office (I was able to run the distance in record time). I tore open the package and ripped off my uniform top. As I put on the shirt I could feel the weight melt off me (I have lost ten pounds since the few hours of wearing the shirt and no longer am I required to go to the gym). I no longer feel the need to carry my weapon as I am bullet proof. The other Soldiers in my unit are lobbying the senior leadership of the army that I be promoted without delay that I may take charge of the war and end it. The problem I spoke to earlier about whether to wear or not is simple. Since I have been wearing the shirt the local Afghani populace has come to notice the power that radiates from me. They have become even more divide with one group calling on me to replace the current Prime Minister in order to subdue the Taliban. The other group has come to be jealous of my unspeakable power and is plotting to remove my shirt from me to obtain the power for themselves. If they only knew about! Either way, now that the shirt has arrived in country the war will be over soon and I am sure that I will be asked to step into the Presidential Race and bring peace to our country.
  • BJS - very usefulIf your pain is bad enough and your medical situation is hopeless enough that death seems preferable, the one thing you don't want to do is fail, leaving yourself in an even worse situation, and causing serious problems for other people. This book provides information not available elsewhere and a framework for thinking about one of the most serious decisions anyone can make.
  • J. Nowlen - Easy home accountingThis is year two for me using Quicken after MicroSoft eliminated MS Money. I had been a Money user since it came on the market in the mid 90's. Interestingly, I got my first MS Money for free as part of being on the Win95 beta. I had purchased Quicken right around then, but found its usability features poorly executed, and jumped at the chance to use something better.

    But Quicken came a long way in 15 years. So is fairly easy to use and does a great job at helping me keep tabs on various accounts. With the advent of BILL PAY features at most banks, the need to print my own checks from home accounting software is a thing of the past.

    Good help panels will assist the uninititated to use of this software. Failing that, there are many online forums to help you out.
  • Chad Starr - Our kids love the Lego calendarsWe have been buying the Lego advent calendar's for years now and the kids love them. We have 2 kids, so one takes the even days and the other the odd days. The next year we switch so every other year they will get to open the 24th box which tends to be the Santa/Christmas related one. Our 4 year old has the even days this year and on the morning of the 5th in he said, "Can I just go to sleep now and when I wake up it'll be the 6th?". So for the little ones, it gives them a little extra incentive to go to bed during December. One tip we've learned is to cut the flap/instructions off the box and store them with the rest of your Lego instruction booklets so they can build the sets any time.
  • M. R. A Bohm - This book brings me so much joy.I love Brandon's work, and have been following him on Facebook since 2010. The book conjures up the same happy feelings that I get whenever he posts a new photo online. My kids (2 & 7) found the book equally enthralling. We are rationing it, and only exploring 10 pages a night. It's amazing to talk with them about Brandon's encounters, and what each of our perceptions were about the people inside before reading their caption. The photos with captions are definitely more interesting, but I "get" that this book is part of Brandon's journey - and talking to his subjects didn't happen until later down the road. I'm an avid believer in HONY's work, and love it so much.