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  • Gretchen H - Evolving? Here is your guide thru 2012Having attended Barbara's ACE training, I now know she has identified the way forward for humankind.
    And it is a natural process which anyone can participate.

    This book is the roadmap - a culmination of all he spiritual work and I highly recommened it.
    We are lucky indeed to have Barbara here on Earth at this time in our Evolution.
  • JenJenERrn - My fav iv drug book!Love this book. Info is concise and to the point. I have been an ER nurse for 13 yrs and this is my go to iv drug book! No exceptions!
  • Chandrica Moore - Love the ipad miniI bought this for my 6 year old daughter. She uses it all of the time. I've got a good case on it so that if she drops it, it will be protected well. It runs smoothly. It's easy to navigate. The screen is clear and sharp. She loves it. She plays games, takes pictures, watches TV shows on the Disney Channel. There is so much for her to do. It's definitely user friendly and after I set it up, she navigates it on her own with no help. I think I want one for myself.
  • Ranch Momma - Excellent Little VacuumI recently purchased this vacuum for our home. I have to say I was very impressed with the results. I had just vacuumed the living room and then my new vacuum showed up...I went ahead and revacuumed the area! Holy Smokes! Could not believe all the crud it picked up. I knew the old one was not working so well, but would have never guessed it was leaving so much behind. I ended up empting the dust chamber 5 times while vacuuming the living room. Now I can vacuum every other day and I only have to empty it once maybe twice. Plus I shampooed all the caprets this week and there wasn't a ton of little clumps of pet hair and dirt left after cleaning so I know it is for certain this vacuum is cleaning the carpets extremelly well .We live on a ranch so lots gets tracked in the outside and it is so nice knowing that I can keep up with the dirt.

    I do have to say I was skeptical at first because of the size of this vacuum, the head is very small! But it certainly makes up for the size in performance. I guess I was thinking the bigger the better, but not so much now. When you can see the carpet being gently pulled up (doesn't bother the carpet at all and certainly doesn't tear it up) you know it is cleanning well. I am still getting used to using the hose, it seems that it tipped over constantly at first. But I think I just had to learn how to use a new vacuum.

    It is very nice for stairs! So simple to use the attachment head and the long cervise tool and get every inch of the stairs. It is also light enough and small enough to easily move the whole unit up and down the stairs. The long cervise tool is wonderful also. So much easier to reach under the fridge and the washer/dryer wonderful for trim and windows too.

    Oh and I know as a parent with kids that help with chores it is so nice not to have to worry about the height being adjusted from high to low. We were constantly saying "Please pay attention to the height you will burn up the belt or worse" now we don't have to worry about it and the kids enjoy helping out with it more too. Love the fact that you don't have to do anything but push a button to switch from hard floors to carpet, it does all the adjusting it's self. And the brush is gear driven so no more burnt up belts to find in the stores and then to try and replace.

    The dirt canister is very simple to use. I have owned 3 bagless vacuums and this one is the easiest by far to clean. No more reaching up in the dirty canister to loosen the hair or crud that won't come out. When you open the bottom hatch all the dirt comes straight out. The canister and filters are very simple to clean and wash.

    I really believe you will be happy with this product, it has been a wonderful investment for our house!