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  • Anthony Sorensen - Best money ever spentThis LG led is by the far the best TV for your money. Picture quality and sounds are awesome. not sure why ever complains about the sound. I have the sound barley up and its loud. Picture is amazing. black levels are really black and same goes for white levels. (with picture tuning in the settings first). the smart tv feature is nice. i didn't care for buying a TV with it but its an additional option that's fun. It did come with a free year of MLB premium streaming which is great. You cant go wrong with this TV
  • JD - Worked in 2 days!After a bad bout of acid reflux disease, I started experiencing cramping and bloating after almost every meal. It felt as if I couldn't digest food properly. My doctor recommended probiotics and a friend recommended this particular brand. I was a little apprehensive at first because after reading reviews for various probiotic products, it seemed like everyone's stomach microflora is different, may or may not mesh well with the probiotics, and it's impossible to know in advance whether a particular supplement will work; some people even report worsening of their problems after taking them. Not me though--two days after I started taking this product, all the stomach discomfort is gone!
  • Elizabeth R. Boykin - School MatesI was in second grade in the Dyess Arkansas school when J.R, was a senior. I missed the bus home from school one day because I became interested in watching students playing basketball. I was scared and crying so J.R. and a friend took pity on me and took me home. I probably got home before the school bus would have gotten me there. Yes, I enjoyed this book because so much was based on his growing-up years in Dyess. I still have the yearbooks of his Junior and Senior years and I took one to a concert where he autographed the page on which his senior picture is shown.

    I would recommend this book to everyone who was a fan of Johnny Cash.