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  • Bill Sawyer - An Excellent AdditionEarly on in the book, Sam states, "While I don't see how either premise 1 or 2 can be reasonably doubted, my experience discussing these issues suggests that I should address such skepticism, however far-fetched it may seem." And, from Leo King's review, it seems that Sam's skepticism was well earned.

    It is always amazing to me that I perceive that the strongest opponents to the positions held by fine writers like Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, and others comes from those living the "Good Life" as Sam describes it. I seriously doubt you would ever find a woman subjected to the horrors of female mutilation describing the practice as her living the good life. Nor do I suspect that the Albania men living in virtual imprisonment would describe themselves as part of the good life. It takes those who are living the good life with a complete disregard for others, to proclaim that some ancient book is somehow the best description of what is to be. And that scientists should somehow stay out of it, while they continue to trample the scientific realms. BAH!

    This is an excellent addition to the growing library of those of us who believe in humanist principles. More importantly, it is now out there for others. I know that at a much earlier point in my life I would have treasured this book even more than I do now. But nothing like this existed then. Sam will undoubtedly keep those who read it from spending years in ignorance. It will hopefully move them more quickly to a "Good Life" than those of us who proceeded them. This book won't win the war. For the war is not truly one of bombs and bullets, but it is one of ideas. Those ideas are weighed on the scale of the intellects of the people that encounter them, and Sam has added a hefty weight to the scale.

  • Kellie - Works great!I recently received a free sample of this product (from and stuck it in my medicine cabinet for future use. I do not get cold sores often but when I do they are painful and take a while to go away. In the past I have used Abreva and while it helped a little, I didn't feel like it was wonderful - or worth the price.

    The other day I was getting ready and I noticed I had a decent-sized cold sore that must have just started and was already getting sore. I remembered the free sample and pulled it out to try. Here is what I thought.

    Pros: Easy to apply.
    Numbs nearly instantly.
    Dries quickly.

    Cons: Dried my lips.

    I have to say I applied this and then got ready so I was fearful that I may have washed it off too soon or something so at bed time I used the other enclosed dose on clean, dry lips and then went to sleep. The next morning I was amazed that the cold sore was considerably smaller and gave me almost no discomfort. That alone would convince me to buy again but the second morning the cold sore was a tiny spot with almost no discomfort at all.

    I would highly recommend this if you get painful cold sores. I do recommend following it with applications of lip balm as it seems to be very drying.
  • Jeffrey Dungan "Night Owl... HootHoot" - ... in the service of Music.I had actually first heard The Wall in 2004; since then I've learned more about it. Like how it's a loop, tied together by "Isn't this where we came in?" And how 'Comfortably Numb' has "the greatest guitar solo", as determined in a survey. What I've always known: everyone should listen, as a part of their musical education.