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  • Harry R. Krimm "Kriminator" - Doc & Marty are ElatedGreat scott!!! This is a bargain, Now me and the Doc no longer need to harness the power of lightening bolts.

    This new product powers my flux capacitor just fine. I bench marked it this morning and we are running at 1.4 Jigawats and stable!

    Times have really changed!

  • L. Salinas - Away In A DayI could see and feel a cold sore starting just under my lower lip. Immediately I remembered the free sample of New Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment that I had received from Smiley360. So I got the package and read the directions found on the insert inside the plastic casing. It was easy to use. After washing the infected area with a clean cloth, you squeeze the little vial until it crushes together and the medication goes onto the tip, gently put the tip on the cold sore and press lightly until it starts to feel numb, then rub it in until you have used all the medication in the vial. The Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment immediately took away any pain or sensation of the oncoming cold sore. It was instant relief. So fast and effective that I didn't need to try anything else and it was completely gone by the next day. I've never had anything work that quickly before! I would definitely purchase and recommend this product to others. I am so glad I received a free sample of New Orajel(tm) Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment from Smiley360.
  • Kevin Hudoba - Change my life (and wife)I bought these for my wife and my life will never be the same. It started innocently enough, she was writing a lot, sketching and doodles, poems all kinds of stuff. One day I found one with teeth marks, I told biting wasn't good for it. I attempted to talk to her about it one day, you know communication, she said I was over reacting and imagining things. It helped though, I didn't "see" her doing it anymore, but the pens kept running out of ink even though she supposedly wasn't using them anymore. Post-it notes and doodles would mysteriously appear here and there. Then I started finding poems and notes hidden under her pillow and stuffed under the mattress on her side of the bed. I found a notebook that she was writing a short story in and I found her diary. All kinds of sketches and writings, in different colors, in print and in cursive, it was devastating. Turns out she was buying more behind my back too, the final straw though...inks stain on her collar. She claims it was from the filling in her doughnut at breakfast but it just happened to match the color of the ink on her grocery list for the day. The divorce will be finalized tomorrow.
  • Patricia Kramer - Unbounded CreativityWhat a fascinating book about an amazing creative man. So many things I never knew while I was enjoying the Muppet movies. Jim Henson was like a force of nature, kind, strong, always in motion with new ideas and challenges to tackle. A bright streak of light across the sky.

    "As longtime collaborator and Sesame Street head writer Jon Stone put it, 'Jim didn't think in terms of boundaries at all, the way the rest of us do. There are always these fences we build around ourselves and our ideas. Jim seemed to have no fences.'"
  • Wayne Landgrebe - About Time!The FDA and Big Pharma are getting away with murder...literally. It's time it stops. This book will help. Also, it gives a very simple way to get well and stay well. All diseases are indeed caused by parasites and they cannot live in a well oxygenated body. Get this book immediately and do the very simple protocol for oxygenating your body for healing and health.

    Rev. Wayne W. Landgrebe