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  • S. Helms - Try it; you'll like it!I've tried all the "super-strength" antiperspirants, Mitchum's, Clinique, etc., but none worked for me. I don't perspire heavily, but often had enough slight dampness to be annoying and stain silk blouses. Also, I found the white residue, left by even the clear antiperspirants, annoying.

    Sweat Block was on the expensive side, but I decided to give it a try - it worked perfectly! I really like the smell of it - fresh, pleasantly spicy, somewhat reminiscent of cinnamon.

    Sometimes I forget to reapply Sweat Block at the end of a week, but it still has remained effective.
  • Lori Angelica Gibson "=^..^=" - I feel "normal" again.I've had IBS-A for years, but it developed gradually so I didn't take it seriously until it severely impacted my life. Fear of colonoscopy kept me from seeing a doctor and therefore suffering longer than necessary which was silly, because when I finally saw a doctor he immediately diagnosed IBS - no colonoscopy required.

    My doctor suggested a gradual approach & recommended I start with fiber supplements (Citrucel to be exact) and a medication to help with sudden flare-ups. When that didn't provide nearly as much relief as I had hoped for he said it might be as good as it gets, so I asked about other possible treatments he had mentioned during my initial consultation and only then did he recommend Align, siting it over other brands because of its ingredients.

    Taking Align sporadically doesn't work. I know, because it took me three weeks to get through a week's worth of capsules. However, after taking it faithfully for two weeks as prescribed it is working wonders! I feel 97% like a normal person and I hope symptoms continue to improve with continued use.

    BTW, yogurt didn't work for me. Per my doctor, yogurt doesn't contain the same beneficial bacteria as Align.
  • Ralph - Great story - formatting fixedSeeing all the bad reviews about the formatting, I was worried about buying this, but really wanted to read it. I saw the comment from Amazon that said the formatting has been fixed and it can be redownloaded, so I took a chance.

    I was able to easily read the it on my iPad. Each page is first displayed in its entirety. You can't change the orientation or pinch or zoom. When you click the right side of the image, each section of the image is then zoomed so you can easily read the text. Each touch takes you to the next frame of the image and then you are taken to the next page — again, displayed in its entirety ... And so on. Quite readable, very enjoyable. You will not be disappointed.

    This first issue introduces you to a strange world and its main characters. It is leaving me with a lot of questions and I can't wait to read the next issue.

    So, for those of you that we're waiting for a formatting update, the wait is over. Get it. You won't be disappointed.
  • jammie layne - Takara/Hasbro has done it again.Being a collector of TFs I have been waiting for this figure to add to my other masterpieces. And very happy i am indeed. You get what you pay for, Soundwave is very g1 inspired and very detailed and articulated. Not to mention he also comes with 5 cassettes as well as Megatron in pistol mode that he can hold in his hand. Awesome figure.