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  • R. Leist - Pink Floyd or Chicken SoupI don't care if you say it ain't true Pink Floyd. Listen with your ears. I don't care if the band behind the music is Pink Floyd or Chicken Soup. This is an outstanding set of songs. The more you listen to each and every one, the more captivating they become. Strip off the names and stereotypes from them. This is just good music. One of the best albums I've ever heard. I like every song.
  • Kateri R. Kullman - Excellent book!Very easy to find what you are looking for. Shows both the generic names and brand names. Also includes a "sounds like" which helps you find the correct drug even if you are not quite sure how to spell it. This is one of my favorite Medical Transcription books.
  • MijaMuffin - Sweat Where?This stuff warms your body UP! I did not experience a "tingle", if you will (& I know tingle, I've tanned in the past), but more of a strong warmth, like I'd experience sitting in the sun. I concentrated putting it on the more fatty areas of my body (like my "bye bye" arm flab, hips & upper thighs) before my workouts & this product comes through. You will sweat. It's almost gross how much. :) I just make sure I drink plenty of water, as most of the sweat is water loss. I've been using it for about a week now and have noticed that the super fatty/dimply areas of my body aren't AS dimply & seem to be smoothing out. I like the smell.