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  • E. Smith - Truly Amazing!This product really is amazing - it really works! I've never suffered horribly bad breath, but have had occasional bouts with it (typically when I'm super busy, don't eat right, and am drinking lots of coffee), and have the "typical" morning breath. Essentially my breath is probably "average". When I first purchased this I really had no idea what it was, it was on sale, and I was sick of the marginal mouthwashes at the drugstore. I don't really care for the typical drugstore mouthwash and the ingredient list in most of them is pretty horrible. I decided to try TheraBreath. The instructions on the back of the bottle are very elaborate, i.e. rinse twice, brush with their toothpaste, dip your floss in TheraBreath. I thought all that was way too much - it'd add another 5 minutes onto my morning routine! I simply decided to replace my typical mouthwash with TheraBreath - and that was it. The first time I tried it I liked it, it was just slightly minty and very neutral in flavor. By the third day I couldn't believe what a difference this mouthwash made! My mouth and breath felt fresh and clean all day long! Morning breath was significantly reduced too! I'd just been using it with my normal brushing routine, once in the morning and once in the evening. At this point I wanted to learn more about the product and what was in it. I spent some time reading TheraBreath's website and reviews on the Internet. I've been a diehard fan ever since.

    People with "average" breath probably don't require the elaborate routine recommended on the bottle. I don't. The product IS expensive, but it's worth it. I keep my eye out for sales and stock up (review the expiration date so you'll know how long you can keep it around - most of my bottles have a expiration date a year or two out). TheraBreath also has sales twice a year where you can stock up at a price per bottle that is less than half of retail. I highly recommend this product!
  • Ginger L. Gilmore - Great socksMy doctor has suggested that I give toe socks a try to help with my balance. I have RA and as a result my balance is sometime offish. These have done a great job. So much that I purchased 14 pairs. I where them at home, at work and even with sandals. I highly recommend.
  • Stacey Omalanowicz - Used to spend 3 hours at the gym....not anymore!!I have been going to the gym for 15 years. I read all of the fitness magazines, so I stayed pretty up to date with the latest and greatest. I am knowledgeable when it comes to working out and eating right. Somehow I always managed to stay around the same weight. Until I did P90X. I didn't even follow the food plan and I still lost 20 pounds. I am looking forward to P90X2 that comes out soon!
  • L. Maynard - A must for student nursesI am a registered nurse and I used the Kaplan NCLEX-RN as part of my study regime for the NCLEX exam. This is the latest edition. Kaplan is a must for nursing students. It not only provides the user with test questions in the book, but it also offers a test very similiar to the actual NCLEX on disk that can be installed on the computer and used over and over again. What makes Kaplan different from other NCLEX study guides? It not only provides hundreds of sample questions but it also gives the rationale for all the answer choices, so not only do you know why the correct answer is correct, you also are told why the other three options are not correct. If you take the time to read all the rationales, even on the questions you answered correctly, you will gain a wealth of information and will hone your NCLEX test-taking skills. Kaplan also offers an indepth tutorial on test taking strategies that will prove invaluable. The NCLEX is not like any other test you have ever taken. All of the answer choices could be correct for the topic the question is testing on, but only one answer will be the best answer. Kaplan will help you learn to look for what the question is really asking and to answer ONLY what the question is asking. I highly recommend getting this book as soon as possible, even if you are only in your first semester of nursing school. It will also help you improve on your grades in nursing school since most of those tests mimic the NCLEX style of question. This is the best use of your money for study guide material and if you can only afford one NCLEX study guide, buy this one. Good luck.
  • gomez - Great deal!I came looking for a small discount for a PS3, but when i saw it for $199 i had to act fast! I had a couple of shipping problems but amazon was able to fix that for me in one simple phone call! It came on time, it runs great, the games came neatly packaged inside cardboard sleeves, and so was everything else really. Just plugged it in and turned it on, i was able to play for hours with my new console! I'm really happy with this bundle and with the deal amazon offered.