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  • Michelle Gamet - I AM HIGHLY IMPRESSEDI have been using this device for a year now. Yet, I was highly impressed from day one. When I looked at the reviews given by Dr Oz, that is what impressed me, also. Dr Oz gave this device a thumbs up. My skin glows. The springy elasticity of the skin is what I noticed, too using this product. The stimulation on the molecular level beneath the skin with the radio wave frequency moves nutrients and oxygen about for cellular feeding. Which in turn, plumps up cells, which creates filled in lines. I use olive oil smoothed over my skin as this adds a lipid or a fat on the surface of the skin, which the radio frequency pulsing presses into the deeper skin layer for lubricating. Therefore, the skin will not dry out. So, instead the skin gets a deep massage and moisturizing. This I have used safely on my face, throat, hands, fore arms, beneath my arms, chest, thighs and calves of my legs. I Am Highly Impressed ~
  • Momof2beautys "Christina S" - Keeps me healthy....and at a healthy weight.I drink 4-6 Ensure Plus a day, and I have for many years. The only flavor I can stomach anymore is the Milk Chocolate....not too sweet so it goes down easiest. The taste is tolerable and the texture is like a whole milk.

    I have Cystic Fibrosis, so maintaining a gaining weight is a struggle. Ensure is the only supplement that has worked for me....over Boost and the other brands. I too agree that the price on Amazon is WAY too high. I have found the best price at Sam's Club, a case for about $30.

    Also a GREAT immune system booster!

    If it is a medical reason, you can have a prescription written and insurance may cover.