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City: Kepala Batas, Pulau Pinang

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  • No BS guy - FantasticThis book documents the racial bias in the media better than anything else I have ever seen. As the author notes, most people in the country gets their news from a press that constantly harps about discrimination against blacks as if the Klan were running the country. However, most of us have lived our lives at times where Affirmative Action is the only form of job discrimination we have ever seen and where black criminals are often portrayed as the victims of white police rather than what they are, criminals. I learned that the Jim Jones cult was not a religious cult(as I had thought)but actually a Marxist commune that contemplated moving to the Soviet Union(the majority of the members-and suicide victims- of the cult were black). I also learned about the follow up to the Bakke case, where the individual admitted in place of Bakke was unqualified and actually lost his medical license after he killed several patients(This was relevant to me, as I actually served on the admissions committee at the UC Davis Medical School in the 1980s-years after the Bakke decision- and saw "A" students rejected in order to make room for minority students with a C-average). This book gets the truth out there, which, as is typical, has little to do with the political correctness put out there my the media.