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  • teachsale - Just what was neededRick Steves has a great deal of detail throughout the book. He covers all aspects of the country that is particularly suited for those who like to travel as independently as possible. Rick Steves books cover all areas of the country and not just the usual tourist spots.This is a very valuable resource for the traveler who prefers to design his own trip and rejects the large tours that go only to the most popular sites.
  • R. Heller "Book Lover" - this is a wonderful tabletI bought the Galaxy Tab2 after researching current tablets on a number of web sites . I had to replace my Toshiba Thrive which was my first tablet . It developed a crack in the upper left corner . I say developed, because it was never dropped and was always kept in a protective case. Since it was warranteed with Squaretrade, they told me to send the Toshiba to them and they will be sending me $300.00 ( my cost for the tablet) to replace it. The Galaxy Tab came in at about that price. The crack was the best thing that happened to me ! I didn't realize how wonderful a tablet could be ! The Galaxy is a brilliant instrument . It towers over the Thrive in design, display and ease of use. It is sleek, responsive and a joy to use. I wanted a Samsung product since I am now using the Galaxy Blaze smart phone and enjoy that device very much. I considered upgrading to the Galaxy Note, but after comparing both devices I choose the Tab 2 for it's price as I am not a gamer and don't require the fastest processors.
    I've had it only a few days and so far, I am enjoying it very much !
    BTW, Squaretrade warranty is the only way to go. they have come through now 3 times for me ....I would never own another electronic device without their warranty. Let's face it...these things break sooner or later !!!!
  • M.Darling - Endometriosis GONE!Ok let me be honest, I started taking these to try to get pregnant because I have Endo and then after my first month of taking it
    I noticed my Endo pain subside by 85% ! I am so exited by those result. I am currently on my second month and have no negative side effects. I might not be pregnant but if it gets rid of my Endo pain, YES PLEASE. I will take this for a lifetime.

    I was worried because I thought I might forget to take it three times a day but it is fairly easy to remember once it becomes a routine plus I added a reminder on my phone.
    The pills are large and I find it is best to take with food. I take it religiously. Please take a chance on these pills they havent made pregnant but they have relieved me of my horrible Endo pain.


    Wow I love this pill. Still not pregnant but the best Side Effect this pill has given me is by far exciting. First, I have always had a regular, long, painful, extremely painful menstrual where I had to ask for days off from work. After the 1st month I still had some pain but not extreme.
    This second time around I had a wonderful menstrual, no pain at ALL. NONE! PLUS it shorten it from a 7 day cycle to a 5 day cycle. AMAZING! FREAKING AMAZING! I will continue on this pill for the rest of my life if it helps me with my terrible Endo Pain. I would say if you have painful menstrual pain or Endometriosis, yo uhave to try this pill.
  • HLRhea - My son LOVES it!After receiving a gym for our baby shower that didn't contain lights or sounds and was uninteresting to our little guy, we broke down and purchased this SOOOO glad we did! Our son was hesitant at first but he eventually got the hang of it and now loves to play! He was 2 1/2 months old when he first started using it. I love that it's transitional-can go from overhead gym to tummy time and when he outgrows the gym he can still play with the piano. Another bonus is that it came with batteries. It's been used for almost a month and I haven't had to replace them! I highly recommend this gym!