Department of Neuroscience, University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG), RuG - The Department of Neuroscience is a joint effort of the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) and the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RuG).

Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

  • Happy Toddler Mom - One of the best baby purchases!!This has been by far one of the baby items that is worth every penny!! We take it everywhere and it works great! At every restaurant we go to, we have numerous people come up to us and ask where we got this chair. It is an attention getter. Better yet, my little guy LOVES it. He loves how high he sets at the table as he feels he is sitting with everyone else. There is minimal gap between the table and chair which is very helpful too. We use this chair in combination with the Neat Solutions table toppers ( which are EQUALLY great and worth every penny!!) and we have had many successful dinners. It collapses so easily and transports everywhere. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
  • - Best thing around for cold soresI have to agree with the other praise provided so far about Abreva. Unfortunately, I've NEVER been able to "catch it in time" to have it disappear, but I can definitely attest to it's shortening of time spent suffering through them. I too was a, less than thrilled w/ the results, Zovirax user. This far beats out Zovirax for ease of pain and other symptoms, as well as the much mentioned shortening of outbreak time. That said, price really isn't a factor, this is the only product out there that can boast these effects and there is usually a coupon in the package to save you a few bucks the next time around. Also, their website, also usually has printable coupons.Enjoy!
  • King of Nebraska's Seas - A seamen guide worth owning!I ran into one of these ships coming down the Platte River the other day - I think it was navigating its way out of the Rockies - I am so glad that I had just read this essential guide to the seas! I proceeded to engage the vessel as it approached our Starboard-bow, the old schooner's planks held tight as the current forced her towards the rocks, pinning me into a jib, I nearly killed a deer, I tell you. Once we tied the bowline, fastened the cleat - just like it said to do in Trimmer's manual- and fought the winds downwind she past right by. My crew and I just escaped landing on the leeward side, and our vessel moored by the whistle buoys, while the rode hung deep in the water's current.
  • Jennifer Larson - Gorgeous art, exactly what I expected when ordering itAs some of the other reviewers commented, some of it is pretty morbid, like Cersei's walk of shame, but I totally signed up for that when I bought this gorgeous thing, so. Fantastic art. A little caption at the bottom of each calendar month over what the subject is and it's book. When open, top half is the month's picture and bottom is the calendar; gorgeous centerfold (basically of the scene on the cover) that takes up both halves right in the middle.