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  • Pricklybear - Kindle RocksMore then met my expectation . Would like to see Amazon change their packaging for the delivery of Tablets and most all their items. Having the Amazon name printed so prominently on the outside of the package makes the delivery unsafe in most areas. The package cries out for robbers to come get me. A more pro active tack on Amazon's part, with the use of discretion on the packaging would limit the amount of stolen items and a less stressful worry for the buyer waiting for a package.
  • Edward L Darnell - Ensure CompleteProduct is nationally well know and recommended> My Doctor recommends Ensure Complete as a daily supplement to a well balanced diet.
  • Bulldog Engineer "Bully" - Must have upgrade for MacFirst, I am cross platform user and I spend equal amounts of time on Mac as on Windows. I do not view myself as particularly loyal to one system or the other and my remarks should be considered aimed at folks like me.

    This iteration of Office for Mac is greatly superior to Office 2008. Office 2011 greatly extends the usability of the Mac for business applications and makes the Mac more useful as as a tool for the home user as well. The installation is seamless and the applications function smoothly. Most features available to Windows users are now available and several important missing features can be gained with a bit of web searching.

    It is true that, even though this version does use the riobbon, there are differences in how some tasks and features are accessed in Office 2011 from the windows counterparts. I believe this is mainly due to making the applications consistent with normal Mac applications.

    For cross platform users there is no trouble working on files in Office 2007 or 2010 and working on those files in Office 2011. If you tried that with Office 2008 you will understand what a large improvement this change can have.

    I love the inclusion of Outlook. It works wonderful and really increases the viability of the Mac as a business tool. This app is smooth.

    I do wish Microsoft allowed for Visio and Project to be available for Macs. I believe this would greatly increase the appeal of the suite.

    If you disliked Office 2008 you may want to try out Office 2011. It is a great improvement. The full screen capability and compatibility with Office 2010 make a big difference. Microsoft did right by the Mac community with this release.