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    P.S. The Proactive sunscreen is a really great product too...I use it on my face because other sunscreens will clog my pores and cause a problems with the Proactive brand. However, it does burn a little when u first put it on...and DO NOT get it in your eyes!!! OOOUUUCH!
  • Dan - Attaining and Maintaining Optimal HealthFor those who are searching for ways to attain and maintain optimal health, this book is a must. It is based on solid evidence and clinical experience. In just seven days, the treatment got rid of a cancerous spot on my face. The treatment was simple, easy to implement and inexpensive. (The standard methods of surgery, radiation or toxic drugs were not needed.) If the potential of this approach was fully realized, there would be huge cost saving in our health care system and more satisfied customers in our society. I highly recommend it to everyone.
  • KathleenJB - Heartbreaking, Yet InspiringThis book was both heartbreaking (for what the kidnappers did to an innocent child) and inspiring (because of Elizabeth's faith and the miracles which sustained her). I could not put this book down. I lived in the suburbs of Salt Lake City during the time of her kidnapping, and I remember her parents relentless and unending searching for Elizabeth. I am uplifted by their examples and I am so grateful that today Elizabeth is a happy, healthy woman with her spirit intact. May she and her family be blessed!