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  • E. Wichman - Thrilled to have this collectionAs I had trouble acquiring her books at my library due to her popularity, I was so happy to be able to buy them from amazon. This book came in perfectly new condition, very timely, at a very reasonable price. I haven't read it yet but expect that my ancestor Lord Kilmarnock will probably be in this book as he was beheaded in the Tower of London for treason at the Battle of Culloden in August 18,1746. Prince Charles appointed him as one of his generals. I was thrilled to find him in the second book, Dragonfly in Amber.
  • M. Kelley "mpkelley20" - A lot better than it used to beI stopped using McAfee products a few years back when their software became more bloatware. Recently I upgraded both my desktop and laptop to new computers so I was looking for security software to run. My new desktop is running Win 7 so I stayed with my favorite combo of Microsoft Securities Essentials and Commodo Firewall which have sevred me well for years. My new laptop, however, runs Windows 8 and I had several issues running my favorite combo. I was forced to look for an alternative before my trail subscription to a slightly different version od McAfee expired (the laptop came with a 30 day trial).

    I was lukcy enough to get the All Access package from McAfee to try for free and I have been very impressed with it so far. For starters, being able to use it on one or all of my computers AND other supported devices like smart phones and tablets is a nive feature that this has. You ar enot forced to by multiple licenses like days of old. Second, install was a breeze for me as it easily removed the trial McAfee software and installed the new version. And so far I have had no issues with performance slowdown or interferecne with anything I need to do. I haven;t had any issues with Firefox like others have stated. this program just works.

    A few things bother me though...first being no disc for install so you are paying for a big box to be shipped to you with a card that has the instructions on where to download. Frankly, I'd prefer a disc since there have been times when people have a nasty virus that shuts down their internet so there would be no way of downloading software to try and fix it if that was to happen. Plus, what a waste of cardboard....I'm not the greenest person out there but this just seems silly to ship an empty box. I underdstand the need to reach both web savy people and those less savy but if you go through ghe trouble of making a nice box, throw a 25 cent disc in there.

    Second, I seem to be having a small issue with Win 8 action center thinking I have no security turned on. I keep getting the action center message saying to turn on McAfee or Windows defender but McAfee is working. Not sure where to look to fix this issue but I'm sure I will figure it out.

    Overall, a nice approach to security from McAfee.
  • Prismiles - Awesome book!! Must read!I have been a long time follower of Matthew's advice on his website and his videos.I was very excited when I heard about his new book and was eager to read it.I loved all of Matthew's advice which is very practical and straightforward. He helps us understand how men think and it is a great relief to know that it is not as complicated as we sometimes assume.His tips are very helpful and has helped me improve my self confidence when it comes to meeting new men and dating.In fact I followed his tip and talked to a new guy at my gym, turned out that the guy was too shy to start talking first.Though he is already committed we have become good friends.I recommend this book for any girl who is ready and looking for a good relationship with a man of quality.By applying the methods suggested in this book you will definitely attract one!I see a change in myself and I am meeting better men now.
  • kimberleepolk - This product saved my FACE!I have used many products to clear up my adult acne with not much success but a lot of money spent! The doctor prescribed tetracycline and I was on that for years, they kept upping the dose to keep it under control and then that quit working altogether and who wants to be on that forever??? Then I was prescribed another product that I later found out was another line of Proactive at a lot higher cost and that my new doctor was one of their dealers!! so of course she prescribed it! I should have had miraculous results for the money but NO! I was frustrated and still had acne! So I some research for something more healthy and natural and found Exposed! Half the cost and with the money back guarantee, Why not? I tried it and Yes within 30 days Awesome results and I feel like I can use the products safely without all the harmful chemicals. It's gentle and it worked!! I love it! Thank you so much Exposed for saving my face! I am 46 and acne just doesn't fit in the lifestyle of a new Gramma! I have been recommending the product ever since to many women young and old because it saved me! PS The ordering is great, pick your date for your product to be sent out to you and change that at anytime- NO HASSLE - and/or order individual products as you need them! It has been a very good experience for me all the way around! Exposed Acne Treatment - Basic Kit