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  • T. Reiner "T" - Great StandI didn't even need the instructions on how to put this together. it was so simple and only took me 20 minutes. i was amazed after i put this together how many people had problems putting this together... Anyways, this is an awesome product and now i can finally get my 1090's off the damn floor.
  • Jason Stanhouse (Jason@stanhouse . com) "J+H ... - Perfect device for the casual gamer / book reader.I bought the kindle fire for my wife heather and have not been able to put it down. Its great interface mixed with its good graphics and decent sound make it the best low priced tablet on the market. Now that I have one I cant imagine my life without it as it gains me access to two of my favorite things apps and books.

    You get extras with a prime membership (like a free book per month from the library)
    You can watch shows from the amazon prime streaming library.
    Amazing color and brightness that works well for both apps and books
    Connects through wifi very quickly and easily
    Has Gorilla Glass which is scratch resistant (but more prone to shatter when hit hard)
    Has Google's web browser which is amazing
    Has a decent amount of battery life (approximately 7-8 hours in my experience)

    Only 8gbs storage

    I am seriously addicted to my kindle fire and love that something so reasonably priced has so many functions if you are looking for a very entry level device to play apps on and read books this is by far the best option on the market IMHO.