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  • H. Candelaria - Exactly what I'd hoped for.Like other reviewers, I wanted something clean looking to amp the TV sound, without a maze of wires and other speaker boxes. Also, I didn't want anything heavy or technical. I decided to purchase this after reading numerous Amazon testimonials.
    When it arrived, I was impressed by the logical and simple documentation (beginning with what's on the Bose box itself) and the overall ease of setup. Once it was out of the box and situated beneath my Magnavox HDTV, another 5 minutes was all I needed to start hearing my TV at a whole 'nuther level. I like that there aren't a lot of 'audio configurations' to mess with as well: you simply turn it up or down via the cute little remote that comes with the Solo. It looks good and works well. Highly recommended :)
  • Amanda - Love itI was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 2006. My gastroenterologist recommended I take Align along with my prescription medication & the pair help keep my colon happy.
  • Shopping phreak - Smile HappyOMG. I read the reviews and thought no way could this product work. I've been without a missing side tooth for a year. I havent smiled in a year. I had horrible self esteem. I even walked on my good side when walking with people. Up until I got Temp tooth. The first one i made was a filler. and it was shaped well enough that i smiled for the first time in a year. Its not noticable. I ended up loosing it . so i made another. That one was so perfect. matched the color with tea and the spacing between the other teeth was made with floss while it was still soft. I would give this product 10 stars if i could. Its changed my life.
  • Carolynn Carrigan ( - Each a winner in itselfI have read all of Ms. Evanovich's other Stephanie Plum books and I just have to say, "I LOVE THEM!!" Ms. Evanovich's style of writing and ability to conjure up the story-lines that she does are just a couple of the reasons why her books are among the favorites in my collection. Any author who can keep me glued to my seat for hours at a time just to see how it's all going to work out in the end deserves MUCH praise. Keep up the good work Ms. Evanovich. I hope you comtinue to produce many more Stephanie Plum books in the years to come....I just don't know how poor Ms. Plum is giong to survive them all - but she will, I'm sure of it.