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  • Carol King - Billy Crystal does it again!I'm a big fan of Billy as a stand-up comic. He makes it look so easy and the audience loves it. In this book, as he reluctantly turns 65, he brings you into his early years as a comic and, laughing all the way, you see that it isn't as easy as he makes it appear. Some of his chapters are downright hilarious. He also devotes time to his movie career (remember "When Harry Met Sally" and "City Slickers"?) and his relationship with the best comics of his time. I recommend this book to anyone interested in Billy's early life, up to the present time, especially the way in which he describes it - as only a comic of his stature can do.
  • Dan Murdock - Awesome softwareThe best part of this software is the ability for my wife and I to enter our receipts on the fly into our smartphones and tablets and then have it sync once we get home!
  • Nanci Hersh - Help is HereTotal Transformation has truly made a difference in our home. There is less tension, less yelling and more joy. It is a process, so things obviously don't change overnight. However the strategies are well laid out and there is a tremendous amount of valuable information in the program at every stage. It is also helpful and validating to recognize that not all children are compliant (neither of mine are) and Total Transformation teaches you how to parent the children you do have. You will learn how to set clear boundaries, effective consequences, help children learn more effective coping skills- and to take the emotion out of the situation. There is also a Parent Hotline that is there for additional support.
    I highly recommend this program. If you think you may benefit from this- you will.
  • Judy Hernandez "Judy" - 5 week old LOVES this!!This is the ultimate life saver & best gym may ever! My 5 week old absolutely love it the second I laid her down. She was laughing at her reflection in the mirror and kicking away at the piano. I did change 2 of the toys to a plush zebra & panda which she is extremely drawn to & she now lays on the mat for half an hour at a time & loves it! I love to lay with her & play with her as well, which also makes this a Great bonding toy! It's also a Lifesaver because I can fold laundry & do little things while she is playing which is a super plus for mommy! :)
  • Charlie - A Must Read!This book is awesome. I've read act like a lady, think like a man and also Why men love b****** but this book takes the cake hands down. Not only does it teach you the rules of the game but it inspires you as we'll to be the best woman you can be. I would recommend that all women read this book. It's definitely a must read!