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  • Citizen John - Author takes a stand on some significant issuesBotkin encourages readers to take advantage of deductions and shows how. The home office deduction is a prime example. He things we're nuts if we don't take it if our situation warrants it. Sometimes taxpayers are too conservative out of fear of getting audited.

    I highly recommend this book. Too bad I missed it for last tax season, but I'll be better prepared next time.
  • BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen, - My husband has a vagina now!So I bought these pens because as a woman I am naturally attracted to bright shiny things and items that say "for her" on the package. I accidentally left one out on the kitchen counter (because that's the only room in the house I'm comfortable in) and my husband took it to write down man things. Well after only 2 days of him using my pen We were shocked to find that his man parts were gone and he now has a vagina in it's place! He is showing some very odd symptoms like, he wants to go antiquing, panics when we are out of cappuccino and has started painting the exterior of the house pink! Our doctor has insisted he stop using the pen but my husband insists on using it to write his memoir on shiny sparkle paper with unicorn trim. Has anyone else had this problem?
  • Cautious Consumer - FANTASTIC PRODUCT, but STAY AWAY from myGearStoreThe SodaStream is a fantastic way of never running out of fizzy water, never having to carry heavy bottles back from the supermarket and never having to recycle endless plastic bottles. It is a simple device and therefore very easy to use and the CO2 cartridges are easy to acquire and replace. In our family of 4 which drinks about 25 litres a week, I suspect that we have now broken even after using it for 4 months and are now actually saving money. BUT, buy it from anywhere other than myGearStore! My experience with myGearStore is as follows: my order did not get fully completed and due to woefully inadequate customer services (mostly generic auto-responses that did not address my particular issue, despite their cutesy self-deluded self-description as "superhuman") it took one month, and over 20 emails, for the order to be filled, but I am still having a hard time finding out if the proper item was indeed sent. There are plenty of other outlets to get it from. Your experience with myGearStore might be different, but don't say you weren't warned!
  • David Zampino "21st Century Hobbit" - What an absolute treat . . .. . . to be able to read and review this masterful and thorough biography.

    I grew up with Sesame Street. My wife grew up on The Muppet Show. Our kids watched Muppet Babies. Etc., etc., etc.

    This is the biography of Jim Henson -- Muppet Man and creative genius extraordinare that Henson fans have been waiting for since his untimely demise in 1990.

    This extremely thorough and well-written book begins by tracing Henson's ancestors (on both sides of the family) giving important information on some of the things that would influence him throughout his life. Chapters are devoted to each stage of Henson's career, from his early days at WTOP in Washington, DC, to Sesame Street (which, I argue, would never have been the huge success it has been over the last 40 years without Henson and his Muppet team), to the wildly hysterical (and ground-breaking) The Muppet Show; to Fraggle Rock; to the films -- both the successful Muppet Movies, and the less than successful (but cult classics) "The Dark Crystal" and "Labyrinth" and everything in-between.

    I learned a lot about Jim Henson. This biography does an excellent job of presenting who he was as a person. It is not a hagiography by any stretch of the imagination. Character flaws are certainly not ignored (and Henson had his share). But the character qualities also shine through: his personal generosity, his loyalty, his love of family, just to name a few.

    I highly recommend this book for anyone who has had any connection with any of Henson's creations. And for anyone who hasn't!

    Jim Henson truly was a Storyteller. May he rest in peace.

    Five enthusiastic stars!
  • AndreaDenise - For Mothers, Who Do The Best They CanIn my opinion, "Who Asked You", is one of the most well written novels of 2013.

    "Who Asked You" contains ordinary and mainly genial individuals coping with everyday demands of life. I must confess, there isn't much romance. Thankfully, there are no tiresome mentions of designer labels either. Believe me, there are no wasted words here, only generous doses of realness.

    Terry McMillan, you STILL rock! Looking forward to reading your next novel!

    Favorite Character: Betty Jean

    Least Favorite Character: Social Worker

    Favorite Scene: Luther reading his "dedication" letter to his grandmother

    Least Favorite Scene: Nurse Kim's "activities" with Lee David

    What did you enjoy about the book: Current events of the time

    What didn't you enjoy about the book: Arlene's behavior toward Betty Jean

    Final Rating: 5 stars