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  • John Sydenham - I would like to see more high lights throughout the year of other fights..I love it because it was well-done, great camera coverage, fair Refereeing, well organized and great action, the real thing, pleasant and exciting to watch..
    The UFC has evolved from almost total domination by the grappling arts to higher level of mixed martial arts styles.. The fighter today must be very well rounded in all aspects of the Mixed Martial Arts world to even be ranked.. No more hours of boring rolling around on the floor in the Octagon..! Thank God..!
    It seems all of the top ranked fighters these days are accomplished in TaeKwon Do, and/or other striking arts, along with all the very necessary skills in the grappling arts.. My point is the narrators have not kept up with the correct terminology.. Example; in the fight between GSP and Carlos Condit 2012, to someone trained in aspects of striking arts, kicks in general, the differences between the two combatants were painfully obvious.. GPS used TaeKwon Do stile techniques while Carlos used the more restricted and less powerful kicks usually associated with the Japanese stiles.. The narrators of that fight, were clueless to the differences..? They were clueless to the proper terminology, they missed the beautiful double kick GPS used.? They also seemed to be clueless as to how the kicks were being used and to what targets..? UFC needs to up-date their narration/narrators, so they are more and more unfamiliar with the evaluation of the Mixed Martial Arts we are seeing more of today..
  • Mike Sora - biggest potential in the device just need patience until the right one comeUPDATE 10 JUNE - 2012

    on march as soon as i've asked for a replace, amazon send me new tblet as soon as they get them in stock, this new one change my first rate from 1 star to 5, this is what i asked for, a real tablet with no bugs or things like that, it works flawesly, no more hdmi problems, browser works great, no more gyroscope issues or sensors working randomly, right now this baby is a huge mate, i carry this prime with me everywhere, i've use this tablet for 2 days as music player without connect to a energy source, as AC charger uses a pin/usb conector, i buyd a female/female usb adapter to conect my gamepad, wifi gate is not an issue right now and ive received 1 gps extension from asus directly so if yu dock it, you can navigate in your country without any internet need

    UPDATE MARCH - 2012
    i've use the hdmi connector to use my prime on a TV and guess what, most games doesn't work properly, most of them fails to open when hdmi cable is connected, it's scarry, even movies stop working when connected to a TV, i've decided and asked amazon to a replace (would like to buy a new ipad but right now i'm with a keyboar dock station, and cover sleeve and leather case, if my new prime has some autorotate or sensors problem i definitely shoot myself


    I've been following detailed the launch of different tablets since motorola xoom on january\2010 until now, and when the prime was announced i fell in love and after 1 week of working with it i must say that i love it and i hate it, why? The overall is awesome, it's 110% fluid, no lag, perfect multitask, screen quality awesome but i hate it for just one simple reason (forget wifi and gps issue cuz this one is most important)

    Transformer prime has a critical issue, sensors works randomly so you wont have gyroscope, light sensor, proximity sensor, compass, gravity, orientation etc. My asus right out of the box had this issue, when i take it that day tried to play Riptide GP and guess what, never recognize movement with gyroscope, i have tried with hard reset, wipe and a lot of stuff and realized that in transformer forum (ths big one) there's lot of people with same problem and all of them had called to asus support with no success, others have receive a warranty replacement with no luck cuz new device has also same issue and the only solution right now is reboot device lot of times until you get sensos working properly (just for a little time then it stops working again)
  • Liza B. - Absolutely in Love!!I honestly searched high and low for a double stroller from very expensive ones, to mid range, to cheap for months. What I was looking for in a stroller was something comfortable and safe of course, had a 50 lb weight limit on each side, had hard plastic wheels like the regular single infant stroller and was compatible with an infant carseat. I read so many reviews from different websites and most of them were great pertaining to this stroller. I just got it today and put it together as soon as I received it. I am 8 months pregnant and had no problem at all getting it together without my hubby's help.

    The things I love about this stroller are the sun shades they reach so far down its going to be perfect for those summer days, I love how there are pockets on the back of each seat with a zipper that are actually pretty spacious. I was going to buy one of the stroller organizers for the handle but not anymore since it has that feature. I bought the Britax B-Safe carseat and its a breeze getting it in and out it fits perfectly with the attachments that came with the stroller. The adjustable handle bar is VERY convenient being that I am 5'8. I'm very pleased that Britax thought of all these things they pretty much left no area untouched.

    Two things I don't care for but in NO WAY would prevent me from buying this stroller again are the basket, its not really all that spacious and the way the stroller has to be folded. But we can't have it all now can we? Overall Britax did an awesome job at constructing this stroller and I am extremely pleased. Can't wait to take my 3 yr daughter for a stroll this weekend and by the way she fits perfect with some room to spare. I'm so proud of myself for making the decision to get this stroller!!
  • Margaret A. Cook - 2013 Writer's MarketThe 2013 Writer's Market is well organized. The key to icons and abbreviations located inside the front cover makes it easy to quickly decide which listings that interest me. There are examples on writing query and cover letters. There are many pages devoted to promoting your work. There is a section that explains how copyrights work. There is a section on blogging basics that is easy to understand. The 2013 WM has sections devoted to Book Publishers, Literary Agents, Consumer Magazines, Trade Journals; also contests and Awards.The listings are catagorized according to topic. The page edges for each section are highlited, making it easy to flip and find the section you are seeking. And, the price is reasonable.