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  • pingtori - My miracle product(s)I've been holding off on writing this review because I was positive my face would adjust to the Regmin and would go back to the way it was, if not worse, when I started using these products.

    There aren't enough good things I can say about For the last 18 years of my life, I'm currently 28, I've had awful pale skin: extremely prone to redness (to the point where people think I have a rash if I just quickly scratch an itch), very oily skin all over my face except around my eyes which are always dry, and horribly prone to break outs which most heavily affected around my mouth,jaw and forehead. "Time of the month" didn't matter, I was always broken out, though I'm sure hormones and stress were some of the biggest factors. I've seen dermatologists (biggest waste of money), tried over the counter remedy soaps (unscented, antibacterial, sensitive, etc- nothing), Proactiv (everything got 2x worse), Clarsonic and light treatment. Those last two showed the best improvement, but my skin only got about 20% better.

    Because everything I tried in the past, I thought would just be more of the same. The reason I decided to give it a go was their website. They had a lot of information/explanations I'd never seen before and structure around their program. They also talk about alternative drugstore options which I'd never seen before. This was the best decision I ever made. My face as actually been clear about 5 months now with only 1 pimple I can actually recall. For me that's completely unheard of. Every time my mom sees me says she can't believe how good my face looks and she was always the first to point out how bad my skin looked, which only made me a lot more insecure. (What happened to your face? Doesn't that hurt?). To hear my mom now tell me how good it looks whenever she sees me is AMAZING.

    There are a few things that are critical to keep in mind with these products which all go back to things they mention on their website: follow their steps and suggestions! 1- Be really gentle with your skin while using this stuff. For me this was particularly important at the beginning month to month and a half, which is the hardest part of starting this product. Like just about all other acne treatments you have to give it a month or two because your skin is purging. Which leads to 2: your skin will get worse before it gets better and I've yet to come across anyone say differently. I personally had a huge problem with flaking and dryness (which looks even worse when you put make up on top of it). I contribute some of I felt was excessive dryness to the fact that I was taking Pantothenic Acid capsules which are also good for acne. To help with the dryness and even out my skin tone I started using AHA Lotion. And that brings me to my final point; 3- start off SLOW with SMALL amounts of Treament and AHA (if you decide to use it) because it is easy to use too much and feel like your face is going to burn off. you need to work up to the larger amounts. You can always add a little more to your face if you didn't get enough out of the tube/bottle at first, but once you put too much of this stuff on it feels near impossible to cool off your face even after trying to wash it off.

    Now that I'm several months into using the products, I feel like I can be a little more flexible in my routine. The only thing I'm really thinking about changing is to maybe find a thicker moisturizer for winter. But I do like that their moisturize has a yellow tinge since it helps neutralize redness.

    Like my title says: my miracle product. I refuse to stop using this for a long time and I tell everyone I can about this stuff. Bravo
  • A lawyer from Berkeley - Zeno worked on all my acne, cystic as well as whiteheadsI have been treated for acne for twenty years. I have gone through two accutane treatments (six months or so each) and have used oral and topical antibiotics as well as Retin-A and Tazorac for the last twenty years. Although all of the products have helped, Zeno is one of the best products I have encountered. It is the only one that works immediately and completely. Acne sufferers everywhere should buy Zeno immediately. Zeno should also be purchased by any person who has an upcoming event (wedding, performance, trial, etc.) where they cannot have pimple: I had a six-pimple break-out last week that included cystic pimples and whiteheads (which your product disclaims the ability to fix). In the morning, following one application of Zeno (the whole thing took less than twenty minutes), they were all gone.
  • John Zitzelberger "MacAnes" - worth readingI like the broader historical context of this — or any — book. It's difficult to understand history, I believe, without understanding some of the culture, the nuances of daily life, in which events take place. Good read.
    P.S. As a Christian, I had no problem with some of the controversial things put in, or left out of this book. It is not the be all, end all, if you want to read about Jesus. Read this, read others, read the Bible. God gave you a brain — use it.
  • Diana - A Revelation!I cannot be thankful enough to Matthew for putting all his ingeniousness in this book. My friends would start laughing at me when I told them I got a book to improve my love life, but when I shared with them what I've been learning... they were all ears and wanted to get the book right away. What I liked the most is that you learn to become the chooser and not the chosen. It really helps you to improve your own character first before sharing your amazing life with someone. I've realized of how many mistakes I've made, but I am ready now to crate and move on! THIS IS A MUST GET! THIS ACTUALLY WORKS! Thanks Matthew! XO
  • G. Lopez - Well written Ann!This is the second book I have read by Ann Coulter. Love it! I see that Ann Coulter has her research well done. I'm still new at reading about politics so I often check the sources, citations etc...doesn't take much since all the information is provided and I can go on the internet:-) People who criticize the author are clearly not fact checking or reading the books.

    It's hard for some people to accept that we have corrupt politicians in our government and that those that expose them are shot down with pure hatred, are called liars and other explitives. Remember, our politicians work for us. It should not be the other way around. We should know the truth and Throw The Bums Out!

    I do love the authors wit and sarcasm. She is highly intelligent, beautiful, truthful, humorous, and successful. That's why her critics hate her so much! I love what she says on p.416, middle pp of "How To Talk To A Liberal (if you must)." I would love a huge poster size of that!