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  • Ann L. Miller "Reviews By Ann" - A Book to Wallow InLove, love, love this book. I have spent months wallowing in Cameron's insight into keeping my creativity regenerating. Her ideas work. The danger of burning out no longer looms over me. The Artist's Way encourages any creative person, particularly those who create for their livelihood. Throw open a window and breathe the fresh air of hope.
  • Joshua Olds - Great Authorial Debut for HealyShauna McAllister just wants to forget. Her life to this point has been filled with pain. The death of her mother. The subsequent rejection of her by her father. Her physical and psychological abuse at the hands of her stepmother. She had lived a life of pain. And her father had caused it. All she want to do is just forget it.

    In one fell swoop, she discovers what it is like to forget. Evidently she was in a wreck. Evidently she caused it. Evidently she was under the influence of drugs. Evidently, she seriously disabled her brother in the wreck. Evidently, she was being indicted for reckless driving and the semi she hit has already collected over a million in damages from her father. Evidently. Because she can't remember. Anything. At least not from the past six months.

    As she returns to try to put together the pieces of her life she discovers that her accident-whatever she did-has certainly not strengthened the frayed and strained ties that bind her to her family. Her father, Presidential nominee Landon McAllister, will not forgive her for all but killing his favorite child. Shauna's only ally is the man who was evidently her boyfriend-maybe even more-Wayne Spade. The medicine they're giving her is doing strange things. Maybe she's crazy. She's remembering things that may not be hers to remember. Everything she thought she knew is being turned upside down again. But only the truth can save her. Only the Truth can set her free.

    In their first collaboration, Dekker and Healy create a novel that - while not as twist-filled or unpredictable as some of Dekker's standalone works - pushes the reader to think about the problem of pain and discover whether or not ignorance really is bliss.

    Dekker has often been criticized for his novels that revel in darkness before showing the light. Kiss is a story of why we must remember darkness and evil. It's not to remember and glorify and uphold the pain. It's to bring us perspective. Without the pain, we wouldn't be who we are. We have to keep it in perspective, give it credit for the better person it can make us, scars and all.

    When the Israelites left Egypt, they were not told to forget their bondage and only look forward to the Promised Land. Rather, God commanded them to remember they were slaves in Egypt. Remember the bondage. Remember the pain. Remember the suffering. But Israel chose to forget. And when they forgot about their bondage, they forgot about their deliverance. They began to no longer care for the One who had delivered them.

    Only if we hold on to a strong remembrance of our bondage will we also maintain the sense of wonder and awe at our deliverance. We diminish the power of God when we diminish or forget our bondage. Dekker and Healy leave us asking hard questions: Do we forget the darkness we were in? Or do we remember it vividly in order to never forget the greatness of our deliverance?

    Do we choose Pain...or Perspective?
  • ReturnFreeRisk - The most satiating meal replacement I have hadThe most impressive aspect of Raw Meal is how well the product actually makes you feel after having it. You feel just full enough, it 'burns' slowly and it mixes well with various liquids so that you have some variety with it...keeps it approachable for different recipes.

    I have also gone down to one scoop no more than 3 times per week because nutritionally I feel like 2 is a bit overkill if you want to keep carbs down (I am more of a paleo subscriber).

    If you're an intermittent faster, I have used this as a step 2 after fresh greens and fruits to break a fast. It really does feel like energy, nutrients invade your system.

    For those that dont want to jack sugars up to high with juice blends, I will say that coconut water, milk, cream and finely ground meal have tasted good with it. My go to is almond milk and that tastes just fine. Blueberries seem to spread the most sweetness around for me if I want something sweeter. I tried stevia and even raw honey once. The stevia was a disaster, raw honey was not much better. I dont get much banana flavor when mixing, but the texture is nice. When I want more protein and additional raw nutrition, I think adding 1 raw egg has been wonderful...the best texture I have had was the egg, banana and almond milk combo.

    If you are trying to eat raw, vegan then the taste wont surprise you. If you're wanting something close to a chocolate shake, then dont buy something that has "Raw" in the title. The reviews where people say they cant tolerate this are laughable. My 2 yr. old boy gets pretty geeked up over the blender and typically makes these recipes with me, and then drinks about 2 quarter cups of his little guy cups worth of these smoothies--yes, he comes back for seconds, so it cant all be power tool excitement because that high quickly wears off. So if my 2 yr. old enjoys the taste and you think its downright awful, then respectfully, you need to retrain your tastebuds/brain to not love so much of the American, aggressive, sweet, salty stuff.
  • Timothy Wiggins "mistabrownskin" - Excellent Internet Security for multiple PC'sI've consistantly chosen Kaspersky, because they have an outstanding track rating of service and reliability. In the past with other companies, I have watched things slip through, but far too often when such things happen, the solution will be with Kaspersky. This is an excellent deal for the value. Retail is about three times as much in stores. This is without a doubt your best buy.