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  • C. E. Nava - More than just a Job-Hunter's ManualWhat Color is Your Parachute 2013 ed. is the latest in a series of books designed for those who are either in-between jobs or looking for a new career. It written in a very smooth and friendly style, but Bolles is careful to make sure that all of his information is current. I'm glad he takes the time and trouble to update his material. In fact, he says early on that he rewrites the book every year. I didn't quite believe it, so I tried a number of the links, and they are all still good. I also appreciated the illustrations, which lighten the tension of, let's face it, a difficult experience like unemployment.

    Parachute has well-thought out (and sometimes surprising) sections on networking, resumes, interview techniques, current lists of reliable career counsellors (pink section in the back), and all the latest technologies, but it goes further. I was surprised to read that unemployment (while scary) could have a positive side. In the first chapters, you are encouraged to learn about yourself, get in touch with your priorities, and find a niche that suits you and your future employer. Parachute helps you learn what you are passionate about, where you want to work, the environment you most enjoy, the kinds of people you get along with, etc. It was challenging but fun to dredge out all the quirks I never really thought about when I went looking for work.

    Bolles makes no bones about being a Christian (a former Episcopalean priest yet), but he has a very light touch, so even if you are uncomfortable about faith, you should still be able to use Parachute to find the perfect job (or one that comes pretty close).
  • Nicole Kellner-Swick - Great family organizer!We have a large family, with 5 active kids. It is very challenging for us to keep everyone's schedules straight - between doctor appointments and extra curricular activities, this calendar helps us to organize everything and hang it on the fridge for all to see. It's the perfect size for our clan!!
  • Amanda Fitzgerald - Working for me!I am a 24 year old female, 5'4" and I've weighed 142-150 lbs for years and have been unable to lose the fat around my middle despite eating healthy and working out regularly. I regularly attend 4-5 intensive yoga classes each week that are fast paced and focused on building a strong core. Doing absolutely nothing different from my regular routine except adding in these pills before meals, after 10 days I have noticed a definite reduction in my love handles, you can actually start to see the definition of my abs, and laying in bed this morning I could actually feel my hip bones sticking out a little, as some of the fat around them has gone away. When I flex my arms/legs, you can also see the definition of my muscles better because there is a noticeable decrease in the amount of fat covering them, and because the muscles are firmer. I don't regularly lift weights to know if my muscles are stronger or just firmer, but they look and feel better at any rate. I still weigh about the same as I have for years, but even my fiance had to admit that these pills "must be doing something" because I look noticeably more fit and less fat.

    Keep in mind, I already had a good amount of muscle and solid abs, but they've been covered by a stubborn layer of fat for years. I also eat a healthy diet full of fruit, veggies, and a good amount of protein. I rarely drink anything besides water, and never eat fast food. I also eat moderate portions. I have tried the routines of counting every calorie going in, and doing extra exercise, but nothing would really make my fat budge like the garcinia cambogia has. I bought these being incredibly skeptical, but figuring that I had nothing to lose but a little bit of money, and I have been very pleasantly surprised at their success. I will continue to update on my results long term, but I am incredibly happy with my results so far.

    EDIT 7/15/13 - I have continued to use these supplements regularly before meals and though the results are subtle, they are still noticeable. I am still in the same weight range that I've been in for years, but my belly just doesn't look as bad as it used to. The fat on my sides has continued to slowly shrink, and you can definitely see the round outline of the definition of my abs. My side profile has also gotten a little smaller as well. I am happy to see these small changes continuing, and plan to keep using these for a while. My wedding is a year away and it would be great to continue slimming down for it. I'm still very happy that I discovered them!
  • productjunkie - Meal replacement yesGiven 5 stars because it does what it says it does. It replaces my breakfast every day and leaves me satisfied, not hungry, for 2 to 3 hours after. That being said, I have to put a scoop in my blender with some kind of fruit, almond milk, and peanut butter to disguise the taste of tree bark (not that I've eaten tree bark...just sayin')this has alone when mixed with any type of juice. Lost 2 lbs in a week with this minor change in my busy day to day life.
  • Toddler Mom - Align helped me (I have IBS constipation type)I have had IBS constipation type for years. I take Citrucel and flax seed in water daily and eat 1 yogurt a day. Still constipated.

    2 weeks ago, was the worst...I took Miralax, Sennekot with stimulation pills, and 1 bottle of Magnesium Citrate (along with my usual daily Citrucel, Flax seed, yogurt), still barely had any stooling.

    Within 2 days of taking my 7day trial of Align (opened directly from the "stay fresh" Blister pack), I have been having bowel movements daily this week (for the first time in my life).

    It's embarrassing to discuss this topic with all these Amazon readers. But, as always, I want to help, even if it means my face is bright red right now.

    I'm very surprised, but I am now an official believer. Hopefully, you can get a 7day free trial pack from Align so that you can see if paying approximately $1 per pill is worth it for you.