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  • Ray Wilson - my first 3book readerI am a retired USAF officer and a retired Mental Health Professional. I enjoy reading but library space is getting out of hand. I bought a kindle2 and have enjoyed reading once again. I have had no trouble downloading ebooks on the whisper net even though I live on a timberfarm back in the woods of the Mississippi Hills. Thanks a lot to the makers of kindle2.

    Ray Wilson
    USAF Retired
  • niazelie - it really worked after 3 monthsering from acne since I was 17, and cystic acne since 23. I am 31 years old and ive tried pretty much everything. The only thing that was working was accutane but couldnt continue because I couldnt afford it anymore. Went online and decided to buy the regimen, because I was just desperate and I had tried everything else. The first two month my face was very dry and almost quit. But then read some reviews and some people noticed changes after 3 months. Im so glad I did. My face is not perfect but its the best ive had ut in years. Its clearing up and all the dark spots are dissappear ing, im so happy. Stick to it, give it time and use it under make up as well, best of luck to you all
  • Carl Johnston - Best bang for your buck!I have experimented with many meal replacements over the years, normally I do not use them for meal replacements unless I have to but rather after a workout when I need something a little easier to digest about an hour later following some fruit. Also I tend to supplement a "not so healthy" trip to the university cafe to make sure I am getting all the correct nutrients. The 33g of vegan protein is a major plus, and the sugar should not be an issue unless your diabetic considering the source of the sugars. I take this replacement along with Vega when I can afford it during University, and when I am home as well. When I am at University I drink these shakes with just water, and when I am home I drink them in a smoothie, so I will comment on both scenarios.

    As far as pricing goes, RAW Meal is truly a winner in my eyes. Yes, you can find cheaper meal replacements that taste a bit better but of lesser quality, and you can find something of similar quality that tastes a little better but is more expensive, but this is perfect for what I am willing to spend and what I want out of this type of product.

    The major con I have found with this meal replacement is the taste and texture, which can improeved in a couple of ways but don't expect anything miraculous. You can eventually work up to taking it with just water and a bit of Super Seed (also made by garden of life) I found masks the taste well, or some Organic Cocoa Powder, anything really to mask the taste a bit. I suspect the best way to mask the taste would be with a powerful blender, some milk or milk substitute such as rice milk, some fruit, and some cocoa powder. I will update this review with any recipes or tricks I come across. At University I do not have these resources available to me so I just mix with water. Out of the three main meal replacements, RAW Meal, Vega, and The Ultimate Meal, I would say that RAW Meal is the toughest to take down with water, the other two I do not find to be much of a challenge. The first week of taking raw meal my gag reflex almost kicked in a few times, but now it's not really a big deal, which I think is a way of my body saying keep it up, and keep the good nutrients coming! When I make smoothies at home with Vega Natural flavor I crave the taste and texture, this is not the case with RAW Meal.

    I particularly appreciate the sprouted ingredients. More specifically I am glad that they decided to include spirulinna and chlorella which are very high in protein (spirulinna is 70% protein and a perfect vegan source of protein and enzymes) and is very important for Athletes in particular. I consider this higher quality protein than concentrated isolate proteins such as ON Whey loaded with milk products that 75% of population cannot digest anyways.

    +All organic ingredients.
    +Completely raw.
    +Contains 100% of 16 key nutrients in RAW Vitamin Code, not synthetic. (Eliminates the need for buying a multivitamin, better than a synthetic multivitamin in my opinion.)
    +All enzymes intact (The fact that nothing is cooked provides the enzymes necessary for proper digestion.)
    +Sprouted grains and beans (Easier to digest, and alive.)
    +Amazing source of greens (I know myself I have trouble getting enough greens in my diet which contain so many enzymes that are needed for digestion.)
    +Contains some Probiotics (I love Garden of Life's Primal Defense so when I am not taking it this is a great way to get a small serving comparatively.)
    +Gluten free.
    +Dairy free.
    +GMO free.
    +Lactose free.
    +Very filling (The most filling meal replacement I have tried!)
    +Quick and easy.
    +Price. (Best bang for your buck in my opinion, lowest I have paid so far is 28.99, however I have not seen it drop that low in a while, and I consider anything around $40 to still be of great value.)

    +Taste. (see blurb in opening paragraphs)
    +Smell. (you get used to it after a while)

    If your looking for a meal replacement that is going to help you achieve maximum health and vitality, and are willing to sacrifice a bit in the taste department for a quality product that is going to be easy on your wallet (taking all factors into consideration) then I recommend you give RAW meal a try.
  • roebles - Love this!!!!!!!We love love love our stroller; had recieved a used Graco travel system, and are using the infant car seat (free & is good for what it is, can't wait to get out of the infant size car seat tho) But we hated the stroller it came w/. Very heavy & bulky, took up whole trunk space. So we purchased this stroller. Our main concerns were, how much it weighed, compact fold, how much weight could carry (our 5yr old could get in this stroller) AND it's just perfect, love it! very easy to put together too. Love the bright red coloring. Basket underneath not very big, hard time putting my person under (medium size) & not for shopping purchases but will hold jackets and smaller bags. Love that front wheel locks, for jogging & love the extra large canopy, very functional depending on weather