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Country: North America, PA, Panama

City: Plaza, Provincia de Veraguas

  • Giorgio Rauti - A masterpieceI think that only the Wall(another almost only Waters creation) would have done better than this album,surely not Wish you were here, that,bar for the title track,after a while may even be boring!
    Here the songs are surely long,but after having finished listen to them I'd repeat the whole musical trip whithout any problem, being it so true and meaningful..yes,the Orwellian vision of mankind makes even the casual listener think about his condition,and the fact that at the same time you can enjoy great rocks melodies only add pleasure to reflection,the perfect pair,I think.
    Wish you were here was about Syd,this album is about us (whatever may be your interpretation of the words)and is the real prologue to The Wall.
  • gudnold - Keep giving my book awayI have a terrible time keeping this book. I keep giving it away to people with bowel problems and children with mild forms of ADD or ADHD. And, I need another one to give to a couple of doctors I know. Unfortunately, I always stop the diet too soon, and the symptoms start back again in a couple of months. This time I will stay on the diet a full year, and add back s-l-o-w-l-y.