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  • heather kessler - I AM THE TOTAL SKEPTIC!!! PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE!!!!PLEASES READ MY REVIEW!!! I read all the reviews when I researched to buy this. There were some for it and some In between and some against. I was so unsure about buying this. Didn't want to just blow money on another gimmick to get rid of razors forever. So here is my story. I have dark course hair on my legs, a few course hairs on lip and neck, arms are thick and embarrassing, course armpit hairs. I'm the totally hairy woman. Its So embarrassing. I was a plucker, shaver, and used every gimmick under the sun to get rid or thin out the hair. Hated it all. It got to the point that I just would just let it go a bit because after I shaved it didn't take long to feel the stubble, so why bother to strive for smooth... :). Anyways, I looked into laser hair removal for my legs and it was quite expensive and if it didn't work all the way you had to pay for more sessions. Too expensive for me for legs. I had previously did laser hair removal on neck and lip on two separate occasions. (I did all treatments) but to my dismay it grew back and every treatment my neck would breakout in big hive like bumps. Frustration was the key word. I saw this and researched. Read. Researched some more. Ok I figure so if it doesn't work then I can sell it and at least retrieve some money back because maybe if it didn't work for me it would for someone else. So my husband just said buy it. So I did. I went on Vacation in Dec and got some sun so I waited and started treatments Jan 9th. So I shaved and began to do my first treatments. I did my lip and neck, underarms, lower arms, and lower legs. After first treatment, my hair grew back and I didn't see much result at all. Thought about sending it back, but said I will try one more session to see if it helps at all. I did second treatment two weeks later. I waited a few days and saw small patches of thinned spots. So I decided ok maybe it really is working. 2 wks later did third treatment and waited... Results are really starting to show, especially on my arms, lip, neck, and pit areas. (Legs still a work in progress but remember I said that my legs were course like a mans beard. Lol). I did 4th treatment two weeks ago. My arms are 80% hair free after just letting it grow.... I almost cry when I see it. IF THIS WAS MY RESULT I would say this product was absolutely worth it but I still have quite a few more treatments left so I am so excited to see it all gone. My lower legs have spots that are hairfree but the rest has thinned out immensely. I would say I'm 40% done with my legs. ... My pits are about 60%. My lip and neck (wasnt bad to begin with) but is about 75%. Ok ladies and gentlemen I am getting totally geeked that the end of shaving for me is in sight!!!! This product is NOT for you if you think it's going to work in one or two treatments. There is no miracle hair removal that you can be flee dipped in to give you permanent baldness because if there were I would of found it and soaked in it!!! The key to good results with this is patience. If you don't have patience then continue shaving. My attitude when I got this was that it wasnt going to work so when I realized it was working slowly but surely I was tickled to death. I saw people that used it twice or so and complained it didn't work and sent it back.... Well patience is a virtue and this takes time for the machine to do its job!!!! I still have a ways to go so I will update periodically. I am getting confident that this WILL work / continue to work. The only thing I don't like is the cost of the cartridges. It's $40 to do each of my treatments (lower legs, lower arms, neck, lip, pits are my treatment areas). So it's $80 month. Give or take a few bucks. I have time left over after my treatments but not more that 1/4 of my next treatment. Is it worth it? For me, HECK YES... Even if this was all the result I got what I have now, I still would be tickled because shaving takes literally half the time.... You also don't need safety glasses. I bought some and never have used. The company said its safe to not wear any. So in closing, if you have no patience then don't buy. It takes time to do its job!!! If you buy just go into this with the attitude that it will at least thin your hair out and make it easier to shave, but I believe this WIL work just by the results I have already seen!!! So it's already passed my expectations by a mile!!! Just remember PATIENCE IS A VIRTURE!!!!! I LOVE it so far!!! Will keep you posted!!!!!
  • Patsy Klein - Such amazing informationThis is such important information!! It's a shame it isn't being used by the medical industry - and I use that term knowingly. We're NOT at their mercy. Take charge of your own health.
  • Brian - Great combination - small holds iPad or 11 inch Air with sleeveI wanted a bag that could hold my gear and an iPad or 11 inch MBA. This is a great bad for that. The side document sleeve will fit an either one in separate sleeve (for protection) and both a little tightly. All in all it fits my gear very well, and as others have said it is more discrete.

    The only thing I wish it had was a handle as well, as some of the larger Timbuk2 bags do.
  • TN-MAILMAN - Much history and facts brought in with the time line and era leading to Jesus murder.I had to take a trip that was over 500 miles one way so I was looking for a good audio book to listen to on the way. This book filled the del completely.

    It is fascinating as it is mostly written from the actual physical events that could be touched so to speak. An example of this is that the author used more recorded facts, history and government documents then the Bible.

    One example would be the reading of rules and guide lines of scourging. This author repeated this with the crucifixion. While the Bible says "Scourged" and "Crucify", there is no in-depth revealing of what that means. Where as the Romans have documented guidelines fordoing this.

    The author uses much history as in Cesar and Cleopatra and how they tie in with the government and the era when Jesus was born.
    Very interesting book.
  • Laina - Buy it and save moneyI saved $50 by buying this from Amazon instead of the campus bookstore. I almost passed it up because others in reviews said that it didn't work and I wasn't sure if it worked with all math textbooks or not. It worked just fine with Intermediate Algebra copy write 2013. Maybe those other people work for Pearson or the campus bookstores and want you to spend more. So glad I went with my gut and bought it here.