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  • Oku "EcoMom" - works just fineSo I bought this ironically after watching a commercial for the no no. I came here to read reviews on the nono and was astounded at the horrible reviews so began looking for a hair removal device that actually got good reviews and works. I decided on this device. I was skeptical to say the least but since I don't have the cash to lay out 175 every six weeks for the light pulse therapy in the dermatologist office I decided to try it. I bought it through Sephora as they have a 60 return policy and free shipping. I have to say I am very pleased. I was a bit over zealous and used it every three days for the first week just in case I missed spots. I calmed down and now use it once a week. I have only had it for about a month and the difference in hair growth is very noticeable. I only use it on my face(chin and lip). I have very coarse dark stubborn hair there. It doesn't hurt. It only leaves the skin red for a few minutes after if used on the highest setting. The only issue I have is the light hurting my eyes. I am going to buy some tanning bed goggles to see if it helps. I have the red glasses that are supposed to be used for laser but they don't help much. It would be interesting to use it on my legs and underarms but I don't want to have to buy the refill cartridges at a rapid pace as they are somewhat expensive, But as the price of razors has gotten out of control and they are an environmental issue maybe I will just use this device everywhere I shave. That is something I will consider. I definitely recommend this device. Oh, it takes about 5 minutes for the whole face from start to finish.
  • jlo5616 - Valuable scientifically-based advice on how to swallow step #3I have not had any real negative side effects and I managed to get my weight back down to my usual after a visit back East (-5lbs). Before the cleanse I was a strict vegan and ate mostly organic so that may be why I'm not in any pain with this cleanse! During the cleanse I tried to be a little more restrictive - 100% organic foods, more water (distilled) and more raw foods. I noticed my skin feels softer and I just generally feel better.

    Like other reviewers, I found parts of this cleanse kit nearly unbearable. The after meal capsules are fine, piece of cake. The morning packet is unpleasant - you pour this powder straight into your mouth and swish it around with water. It clumps and sticks to the roof of your mouth, and it doesn't taste great but it's tolerable. The last step is the worst, a green powder you mix with "at least" 12 ounces of water and chug. I read other reviews prior to buying, and they all said this third step tastes like vomit. I assumed they were being babies - the ingredients were all things I've had individually before such as grass juices, chia and flax. Well, I can verify that as other reviewers have stated, this drink literally tastes like straight up vomit. Let me put it this way... the Harry Potter vomit-flavored jelly bean tastes GREAT compared to this drink. It is VERY hard to get down as it is pungent and acidic. After much trial and error, I figured out how to get it down. First have a glass of room temperature water on hand as well as some papaya enzyme tablets (I have GNC brand) or fruit flavored tums. Next mix 1 tsp baking soda with the mix and COLD water, trying to mix as best as possible as any chunks will just further repulse you. Hold your nose from beginning to end and drink as fast as you are comfortable, and don't let go of that nose! After finishing the drink and while still holding your nose, drink the room temperature water and swish it around before you swallow. Still holding your nose, finish it off with two papaya enzyme tablets or fruit Tums. Unplug your nose and you should have absolutely no aftertaste - just fruity papaya enzyme or Tums! It worked perfectly for me, and I can't tell you how happy I am about that. The baking soda and papaya/Tums are basic (high pH) which counteract the acidity of this horrific drink hence removing the "vomit" taste. Please respond to this review if this worked for you!
  • Coralline - Just awesome.I read the whole book in less than 24 hours, and that's a big deal for me because I hardly ever finish "self-help" books. I love the way she tells it like it is without holding back and let's you know exactly what you're doing wrong. I can honestly say I've made most of the mistakes she talks about, and I always wondered what I was doing wrong. Now I know. When you know better, you do better. Thank you Kara!
  • Charlene - Love, love love The RoadI love McCarthy's writing style in that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication (Leonardo da Vinci). He doesn't have to say much, but I felt as if I really could connect with the Man and the Boy during their bleak journey south to... who knows where?

    After an apocalyptic event destroys most of the world, as far as the novel tells, a father and son are all each other have left. Their story is utterly heartbreaking as they encounter horrors of cannibalism and the destructive change in humans as life is slowly trickling away. Savageness and primal instincts come out to play as what's left of the world is left for grabs, and survival of the fittest is no longer a saying--it becomes a reality.

    McCarthy details the love between the father and son as they cling onto each other in a world that is no longer civilized. Civilization is a thing of the past and as far as the Boy knows, they are 'the good guys', and they need to 'carry the fire'.

    Completely heart wrenching as they face hunger and perils unimaginable- don't read on a rainy day.

    Loved it, despite the lack of a definite ending. Would read it again if I had the time. Not a long read, either- quite quick, but lingers in your mind as you try to figure out what lays ahead for humankind.

    Definitely buy The Road! You won't regret it!