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  • Lisa Papageorgio - Garden of Life Raw MealThis is a meal replacement powder. I received a fresh, sealed tub in good condition. Some have found the taste unsatisfactory. It can be gritty, tends to settle and needs to be stirred. Personal preference is not a good reason to rate a product low. I would recommend work into a little at a time and get over it. If you believe in eating these products, the benefits justify the taste. There are two flavored variants if you can't blend and add fruit to taste.

    If you experience spoilage, you need to refrigerate the powder. A 2.6 pound tub is good for 14 meals and mine is used up in 3 weeks. If you have a fresh spoiled product, that is defective and should be returned.

    Garden of Life products represent a lifestyle. You should try it. And if you use it, it should be a daily item in your diet. It is probably better for you than what you are eating now.
  • K. kelly - Love My Kindle HDFor the money the best tablet around! I found for half price refurbished here on amazon and its like brand new!
  • Kristen Francis "digging pole" - Raising Babies and Lavender in the Texas Hill CountryThis book is for every woman who questions daily what she is doing with her life. Whether you are a SAHM like me whose IQ has surely dropped 20 points in the last five years, or a business woman like my friend Sharon who is unable to slow down and smell the lavender, this book will make you question your current path. Jeannie Ralston gives an incredibly honest account of her own choices (even though some of them were made under duress) and how she dealt with them. I am always in awe of authors who are brave enough to share their frailties and insecurities, and she does this to a heart-wrenching degree. On another level, this book does offer an interesting look at how small home-based businesses begin and grow. A great read!
  • zinger - Like the new OSI am moderately experienced with computers and had no difficulty in adjusting to Windows 8. It is quick and intuitive. Sure there are adjustments to get used to but after a short time it works just fine. It is inevitable that upgrades and new system come along and this was a major step up. I do not have a touch screen, and may never feel the need for one, and I am completely happy with Windows 8. I do have a second hard drive where the bulk of my storage is kept and with a clean primary drive the system is very quick!
  • sarah - Life saver!My husband and I live in a downtown urban condo and was borrowing a friend's swing shortly after our daughter was born. While we saw we needed a swing, it took up way too much space, so we splurged for the Mamaroo. A. Complete. Lifesaver. We have used it heavily since she was 6 weeks old. First it was the only place we could get her to solidly sleep in and with a light rock she slept- and well. It is wonderful also that it is pretty quiet when she is swinging in it. Now that she's over 3 months old she loves to hang out in in and just STARE at the black and white sides of the balls. It also helps her relax when she's really worked up (or I also dare say constipated). It is also easy to pull apart incase you need to wash the sling part. I've had to move it to other rooms once or twice and it's light and easy to move around. While we used the white noise when she slept in it, we haven't used the Ipod/Iphone docking.

    But if you live in a home/condo where space is a premium, it is worth it because it is not as big and clonky as traditional swings. That was the biggest selling point for us.