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  • C. Miller - Believe the Hype!Other moms were going nuts about the Kick and Play but since I already had a hand-me-down "activity gym" for our 4 month old, I held off on buying this until I saw Amazon had an extra special sale on it. I am so glad I did (& would have paid retail pricing, in retrospect).

    This keeps my baby busy (which leaves my arms free to get some stuff done around the house... or check my email) and he happily kicks away at the piano and grabs at the dangling toys. With some very easy switches, I can flip the baby over and move down the toy bar for supervised "tummy time". He especially likes staring in the round mirror toy. I understand you can also flip up the piano part later so a toddler can sit and play with it, but we still have a while to go until we get there. Another very important feature to me is how easily washed the play mat is - detach a few tethers and pop it in the machine.

    All in all, it's easy to set up, use, and clean. It keeps my baby engaged and giggly and that's what's most important to me!
  • P. A. Toliver - Great Tablet and Great Value!I had been looking for a tablet for a couple of months and saw a promotion on HSN for a "GREAT" deal on this tab for $399 with 5 easy payments. What a bargain...I thought. I showed it to my son and he told me to go to Amazon and there it was...the same tablet for $299! He said never buy anything before going to Amazon first...and I should have known as a regular shopper, but not for technology products.

    This tablet is great! I have internet access, download applications I love...Easy to use too!
  • I. Haynes - Most supportive and cool pillow in my 66 years.We have the White version of the mypillow. There are around 5 different fill levels and the first time I ordered one I got lucky with the White version, because it is about just right, could possibly go up one grade to the green fill level. It is very important to watch the video at the mypillow site to figure your best fill level. Don't order a pillow online until you find the area of the internet site that shows the fill levels. I think that the reason the mypillow Amazon Star Rating is not higher is that folks aren't figuring the correct fill level, or missing that area of the mypillow site.

    I have noticed I feel better during the day, and my bed is not nearly as messed up in the morning from lack of tossing and turning. What I like most about the mypillow is that it has longer lasting support than almost all pillows and it does not get hot, it does get a little warm, but nothing like the heat I've always felt from other pillows. I didn't order the mypillow pillow cases with our first pillows, and the "mypillow" company says that they help the pillow stay even cooler, so I just ordered the cases today. I've tried all kinds of pillows, everyone imgineable and wasted a lot of money on hot pillows, but after 3 weeks sleeping on mypillow I know I've found the one pillow I can live with.
  • Dr. Joseph S. Maresca "Dr. Joseph S. Maresca ... - Great ResourceThe Plan: Eliminate the Surprise "Healthy" Foods That Are Making You Fat
    and Lose Weight Fast by Lyn-Genet Recitas is a wonderful book which
    explains why people do not lose weight despite dieting, exercising and cutting
    back on their favorite foods. In short, the author explains that inflammation is the
    reason for a retarded metabolism which resists any attempts to lose weight.

    Recitas explains in great detail how low grade inflammations thrive in an
    environment where the patient keeps eating food which prevents rather
    than promotes weight loss irregardless of the calorie content. For instance,
    too much sodium creates inflammation, as does a lack of enough water.

    Examples of reactive foods are deli meats, hot dogs, bagels, corn,
    pizza crust, trans fats and shrimp. Certain foods like lobster may
    promote inflammation due to the difficulty in processing the
    complex enzymes. Generally, an immunologist or gastroenterologist
    can take an allergy blood panel to determine whether or not certain
    foods like peanuts, shrimp or peach fuzz create an allergic response.

    Recitas explains that foods; such as, lamb, apple, kale, squash,
    mixed greens and water are the least reactive. Oatmeal can be
    reactive for some people. Foods like butter are packed with
    Vitamin D, E, copper and selenium.

    The author shows how a liver detoxification program implemented
    at breakfast can rid the body of toxins which inhibit metabolism.
    Dandelion tea is a classic tonic for detoxifying the liver. MSM
    is known for strengthening the mucosa and probiotics help
    to balance yeast overgrowth and place good bacteria in the
    gastrointestinal tract. Vitamin B12 energizes patients and
    assists in liver detoxification. SAMe is also a known liver
    detoxification product.

    Recitas has important advice for modulating thyroid function.
    Her advice is to drink more water, keep the body warm and
    take kelp. Maine Coast Sea Season assists in maintaining
    proper iodine levels.

    The Plan by Lyn-Genet Recitas is an important nutritional
    resource designed to maximize the bodily metabolic processes.
    Patients should work with their physicians, nutritionists and
    physical therapists in order to achieve an optimal metabolism.
    The author's secret for dealing with a retarded metabolism is
    to reduce internal inflammations rather than to count calories
    alone or exercise.

    Internal inflammations show up in the blood profile as out of range
    statistics for the white count, c-reactive protein, SED rate and the A1C
    glucose log.

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