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  • mahlers2nd " AT gmail DOT com" - You'll still need an attorney but can definitely minimize the cost and timeIn going through my divorce these last several months, I have learned that if you have a great deal of common sense and the ability to write coherently, you can do most of what your attorney does -- except you will still need the attorney to file the papers and do the actual legal stuff. But as for defining the terms and framework for what you want and need, the more of that you can do on your own, the less time you will need of your attorney and that will save you real money in the end.

    If you do not have a clue as to how to write and need some guidance, then programs like Quicken Willmaker will help you crystallize your thoughts, make decisions, write it up in a document that you can then turn over to your attorney. Your attorney then basically becomes your agent (which is really what they should be in the first place) making sure that what you have decided upon can be enforced from a legal perspective.

    Since this review is about Willmaker specifically, lets run through how the scenario will look:

    WITHOUT Willmaker, I remember my parents would drive into Chicago to meet with attorneys and bankers from Northern Trust. My dad had to take several days off work -- the first being for the initial consultation. The second to look at the draft. The third to review the changes. The fourth (if he was lucky) to actually sign the document. 5 days off from work -- that was HIS time. Fortunately he was self-employed and didn't have to beg his boss for all that time. However, if you are a contractor like me, then that is one full work week that you don't get paid for!

    And that says nothing of the attorney's fees which run around 300/hour.

    The process WITH Willmaker -- you install the software on your computer (15 minutes tops!), you enter in your basic information, and you go through the questionnaires and inventories. This will take several hours and is comparable to the type of work you would do if you using Turbo Tax. You are doing this in the privacy and comfort of your own home on your own time. In the end, in theory, you have a document that is ready to be filed and used by your executor.

    However, I still recommend having an actual attorney who will review the output of your Willmaker process to ensure that the will has been set up appropriately and to ensure that you really have thought of all the ramifications associated with your decisions. Therefore, the process WITH using Willmaker will involve sending the output to your attorney, having them spend a couple of hours reviewing it, spending an hour or so to meet with the attorney, another hour or so actually execute and sign off on everything. So compared to my parents scenario, any work that you can not do on your own can probably take place over a lunch hour and you are looking at probably 1 full business day for your attorney's time... AND you get to the point of having your will in a much shorter time and YOU have designed the framework -- not had an attorney try to fit your personal life into the template s/he has used for all of the clients before hand.

    I can not stress this enough: This software WILL NOT ELIMINATE THE NEED FOR AN ATTORNEY!! Anyone that attempts this process is simply not doing their due diligence.

    However, you will be driving the process and will be in control. And the end-product will be more representative of YOUR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS and not those of the attorney.

    The other significant benefit of using the Willmaker Process is that once you have done it once, keeping your will up to date to reflect changes in your personal circumstances (i.e. divorces, deaths of beneficiaries, falling out with the executors you lined up, incorporating that million-dollar powerball jackpot that you finally one!) will be relatively straight forward.

    My parents didn't have an alternative when they were doing their estate planning. We do and if you are smart and computer literate enough to use products like Quicken for managing your finances while you are alive, then this product will allow you to dispose of your assets after you are gone.

  • LoveMyBaby - Not disappointed :)After careful review of this one and the other tablet for kids, we chose this one for my 3 year old daughter for Christmas. We are not disappointed and my daughter loves it. The graphics and voices are clear. There are so many things to choose from when considering what to download/purchase for this tablet. There's a variety of games, videos, etc for different ages and levels. The stylus is attached with a strap to the tablet, which is a bonus I didn't realize. She is finding it easy to use, with minimal help. It comes with four apps available for download after purchase and hooking it up to the leapfrog website. The fifth one is the choice of the parents and child, my daughter chose a video that helps teach alphabet letters and sounds. It's sturdy (because unfortunately it's already been dropped) and not completely slippery (but it's large for small hands) so I'm looking into buying a gel cover to help with the grip. The camera is fun, front and back, but she is just starting to get the hang of working the angles to take pictures because of the size and placement of the camera (compared to taking pics on my phone which is easier to manipulate). We were able to choose her age level (early preschool) on the tablet and we can change it as she gets older to help with challenging her more. My almost 2 year old is already interested in it lol. I would recommend this product for sure. It's exactly what we were looking for to help my 3 year old start preparing her skills for school and to challenge her current abilities.
  • K. Martin - I love my Aerogarden - even made a video of itMy boyfriend got me an Aerogarden for Christmas. I was VERY excited. I love gardening but living in an apartment in LA makes it impossible. Even when I would plant herbs in pots they would end up dying during the summer when temps reach over 100.

    So the Aerogarden it was. First I made lettuce which just turned out to be incredible. Tender, wonderful, and I knew who had touched it from start to finish....ME.

    Then I used the international herbs. I made a video of making pesto from the basil that can be seen here

    It was a ton of fun, I made pesto, home made sphaghetti sauce and mojitos with the herbs I grew.

    Now I'm on to tomatoes! I highly suggest buying an aerogarden if you love to garden but can't or don't have the time.
  • ToJoComp - Best Mobile Baseball Game EVERThis is, by far, the best mobile baseball game ever. This one has the best graphics of any full game play baseball game. The point system is fair, the players as baseball cards that can be upgraded is pretty cool, too. I expected the "add-free" version to be more than $.99. Buying and selling your unwanted player cards is a nice system, too. I would give this a 6 or 7 if possible. True baseball fans love this game. I'm hoping for more updates with prospects, and maybe a HOF edition.