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  • Walter White - Rediscovering an old friendI finally got around to re-acquiring this one after having owned it on vinyl "back in the day". As the years have passed, I have taken the time to truly appreciate David Gilmour's lyrical guitar phrasing, and breath-taking mastery of the instrument. I can now see that "Animals" was shoehorned into something resembling a "concept" album, not knowing back then that "Dogs" and "Pigs" were actually reworkings of pieces that didn't make the cut for "Wish You Were Here" (their greatest moment, IMHO). This is not to say that those songs are lacking; "Dogs" in particular continues to stand out. That famous "twin Telecasters" solo is still heart-breaking more than 25 years later. Gilmour's playing seems the most "violent" on this record, compared to on any other of Floyd's "song-based" albums. Quite a different style to the elegant double-bends and atmosphere of "The Wall" and later works. Only "Sheep" fails to carry its weight, in comparison to the other pieces, but again, it does have excellent guitar work at the end.
  • Tressa - PerfectThis has to be the perfect little tablet it can do anything and everything. Need to get more for the family because we all want to use it all the time
  • David Field - Best Americans, best againI didn't give five stars to this book because it had a thank you to my wife. (She doesn't have the last name as me).

    Neither did I give that rating because it has a story by newly minted Nobel Prize winner for literature, Alice Munro (and it's a good story).

    I like this book, and almost all of the Best American stories, because of the way they are composed. The series editor reads lots of works during the year, and in the case of essays submits around hundred pieces. The editor picks about 20 stories and puts them in the book.

    One of the great things about this series of books is that it comes out around the holiday time. During that period you hope to get some time to read, but quite often that's broken up by other things happening and you never get the chance to sit down and get a long uninterrupted read. However, as with all anthologies, you are only really 10 pages away from a new story.

    Even if you get a time to quietly spend with a book, if you don't like the story you're reading you can finish it and go on to the next one, rather than spending a whole amount of time trying to get some enjoyment out of a long book that you never finish. And Editor Cheryl Strayed and Series Editor Robert Atwan have compiled some stories which you'll be glad you read.

    In fact, I can't remember which story I like the least. I enjoyed reading all of them, and I think you will too.
  • Steev43230 "Steev43230" - Buy It - From AmazonThe cord is too short (only 36") and cannot be separated from the unit (which for me is a must-have for every small appliance, your mileage may vary). The item is of quality construction with a good user manual, but it is not immediately apparent how to turn the unit off (push pause/clear TWICE). Works great provided one reads the manual. Also note that the advertising implies that the entire surface will remain cool. This is not the case. The cooktop surface is in direct contact with the pan being heated, thus heat will transfer from the pan to the cooktop surface below it.

    Keep in mind also that the unit only allows temperature settings in 10-degree increments. The only exceptions are the various presets, which can allow you to select, for example, 375. If you really need 355 (for example), you're out out of luck - but if that was the case then you'd be using a different appliance anyway.

    Recommendation: Skip the infomercials and buy it from Amazon.
  • the quiet room sleeper liker - If you practice you will learn.Great mathematical shortcuts for being able to figure out the quantative answers quickly. Great vocabulary building section. That basically the whole of the book. The CD mimics the multiple choice area and gives you a feel of the way the test would be. Don't forget that this is for the revised as per 2012. So anyone's reading should be aware if rules and procedures change. You can't blame the book if you are taking a subject specigic or one that was again revised. Good luck to you and have a wonderful day!!!