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  • KJ Kumar "KJ Kumar" - Cracking the SATI have only praises to the publisher who compiled this guide to SAT for students.
    The result was marvelous.
    My niece, who attempted the SAT in India obtained a cumulative total of 1800.
    She's not happy though, and wants to attempt once again for SAT test and obtain
    even higher scores.
    So she'll be going through these guides to SAT over and over again.
    Thank you AMAZON and PRINCETON.
  • Mark S. Tenenbaum "MST from CC" - A brilliant synthesis of contemporary knowledge and metaphysicsPinchbeck is the first great 21st century philosophical figure and this book represents a truly creative and original synthesis of contemporary thought and historical knowledge about the nature of human consciousness, and an impending change in consciousness that he predicts (somewhat counterintuitively) will culminate in December 2012, coinciding with the last day of a 25,000 year Mayan calendar cycle. Pinchbeck offers a very high level romp through 19th century existential philosphy, psychedlic drug experiences, shamanism, native cultures, pop culture, art, extraterrestrial theory, quantum theory, metaphysics, climate change, sociology, religion and geopolitics to develop a theory about a fundamental change in human consciousness that will be emerging in the years ahead. This is not what I would call an "easy read" -- in fact, I found it best to read certain sections of the book out loud so that I would fully understand the complexity of his thought process and the complete depth of his meaning -- but it is well worth the effort. This is a must read for anybody wanting (or claiming) to be a 21st century intellectual. Pinchbeck's synthesis of quantum physics amd the psychedelic experience into a theory of emerging consciousness is nothing short of breathtaking. Without a doubt, this is the best non-fiction book I have read since college.
  • C. Battista - I've never been more satisfied!just as I was about to submit my payment for this cable, the USPS showed up at my desk with a package. it was inside. if this cable can get standard mail here that fast you know it's worth the price. maybe a little too fast for Denon, as they never took my payment, this cable obviously has crossed the time/space continuum with my true intent to buy. I've tried multiple times since to duplicate this action, but I think it knows I know. I have yet to try to use the cable to buy another cable, I think maybe this is a bad idea.

    I never bothered to connect it to my equipment, I recommend you spend some time with it. start with it in the trunk of your car, then the glove box, center console, and eventually put it in your pocket and just carry it around before you ever try to use it. Lately I've been listening to John Lennon from beyond the grave. his new work is good, but not what you expect. clarity is fantastic and the understanding of physics and energy motion you gain is also worth the price alone, factor in the state of subliminal consciousness and blue aura you emit to women around you this thing is practically a steal.

    I do intend to be burried with this cable, as I'm sure despite the shady, vulgar and down right horrible things I've done in my life, it will allow me to cross the river and pass the gates of heaven without judgement.

    the only down side is that you need to get yourself some clothes made out of natural organic fabrics, or you'll find yourself with burn marks.. they should have written that in the manual.
  • L. Edwards - Breathless is right.I thought this story line was great. Appreciated the strong, young women and how she jumped into things with knowledge of the positives and consequences and make a confident choice. Enjoyed that the sex portions were not drawn out page after page after page. Third person writing is easy to follow. Con - wish that some of the "issues" they had to face were continued a bit longer. Seemed like they got over them and then on to something else too quickly. Overall, a great book. Can't wait for books 2 & 3 to come out. Have book 2 pre ordered so I'm glad I only have to wait for a month!
  • Karla Krogh Carrasco Jensen - Amazing ResultsFinding out what food work best with my body and loose weight at the same time. I feel great and I enjoyed all the food on the The Plan. In two weeks I lost 10 lbs!!! that's almost a pound a day. I couldn't be happier. I would recommend this book to anyone. Don't get me wrong with any great results there is work and The Plan requires cooking which is time consuming but more than worth it.