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  • stephanied - Goodbye to Dating FOREVER!This book was a life-changing book for me. It showed me how I no longer have to play the "dating game" but instead wait on God (since I'm a woman) to present me with my spouse who will respectfully court me. This book reminds me of another book that also encourages courtship, or "purposeful dating" as the author calls it in How To Date and Stay Saved: God's Way of Christian Dating Revealed Along with tons of relevant Scriptures, the last chapter gives real live testimonies from 12 married couples who were abstinent until marriage (in spite of their sexual histories), purposefully dated each other and are now happily married. Both books keep respect, value and seeing ourselves as God sees us at the forefront. Kudos on jobs well done.
  • Phyllis D. Nicholson "rosinap" - This book was very helpful to me.I have had psorasis all my life and my skin is now so thin from the medications I've used over the years that traditional treatments are no longer an option. I don't do everything in the book, but I have eliminated red meat and the nightshade vegeatables. The one time I slipped and started eating red meat again, my skin immediately reacted. After I read the book, I took it to a chiropractor who read Chapter 8 and then adjusted my spine accordingly. I had this done weekly for several months. Now I go for follow-up adjustments every six weeks. Even if nothing helped the psoriasis, the adjustments make my whole body feel better. I think everyone with this skin condition should read the book and follow the parts they are comfortable with. It can't hurt, and will probably help.
  • Dulce - we are really enjoying the rabbit so farmy husband and i picked this little guy up at walgreens and are really liking it so far. we mostly use it for tv shows - one of us uses the cable to watch on TV while the other watches what they want on rabbit tv. I mostly just watch newer shows (NCIS, Grey's Anatomy), but I'm really starting to like the classic shows too.
  • T. Smith "Goodstuff" - How can I put this anymore simply.... IT WORKS!!As is the case of most of the reviewers here I "used" to be plagued by incessant pit sweating.
    This stopped the next morning after applying Sweatblock! I wasn't too crazy about the $20 bucks but it really does work. I've been able to apply a pad to both underarms and area above the lip with a little left over. For me the pads have enough moisture to last another round. I'm applying the treatment once a week.

    Yes it does sting for a minute or two.
    Yes it smells like strong cloves or something similar.
    No I have not had any rashes or further discomfort.
    Yes I do apply it to parts of my face sometimes.

    The end! :D