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  • Girald - Performs without a hitch - good stuffIm using this drive basically as a media storage device - Its connected directly to my Samsung Smart TV
    Bluerays and DVDs are now in a box, since I had the space to drop them onto this drive.

    It doesnt make any noise whatsoever (that I have ever noticed) and lets me stream movies off of it without any interruptions.

    If I had to be absolutely critical, i would say that the little blue blinking light is noticeable in the dark ( but gone once I placed it inside of my tv stand)

    I cant say that ive had a single issue with it thus far - and Seagate hasn't turned any lemons for me yet.


    Happy hunting
  • - The Best Book for Ulcerative ColitisMy twelve year old son was diagnosed 4 months ago with Ulcerative Colitis. His doctor put him on standard medicine and told us that diet had nothing to do with this disease. My gut instinct was that diet had everything to do with it. I began searching the internet and found a website that discussed this book. I immediately purchased it, and the rest is history. Even though I was told by other IBD parents that my son would not stick to the diet, I tried it anyway. We saw results after a few days. My son had more energy, had a little color in his face, and bowel movements started to become more normal and less frequent. His doctor did not approve of his being on a restrictive diet. Needless to say, we now have a new doctor, who has read this book and promotes this diet with all of his IBD patients. My son is gaining weight again, happy, and much healthier, and we owe it all to Elaine Gottschall.
    It's a much better alternative than losing body parts. We are forever grateful to you Elaine. I recommend this book to EVERYONE I know who has UC, Crohns, or even Irritable Bowel.
  • gimmemyish "great dump" - YO, THIS WORKS ! ! ! !I have tried, I'd say, about 10 things in the past 4 years to get me regular and take solid dumps. I eat pretty well, but I always have this full and uneasy feeling after using the restroom. I think I have had constipation and I never feel that "ahhhhhhhhh" satisfied feeling after using the restroom, just discomfort and annoyance. I've tried mineral oil, pills, psyllium husk, fiber, and various other variations of the sort.

    I picked this product up, I kid you not, about 2 hours ago, and popped four pills in. Let me tell you something. I was laying down and I had this automatic feeling that came ovr me to go and use the restroom and I took one of those dumps where you feel damn good. No backup and honestly I feel happy that I did. It's been a good while since I've taken a dump like that. I highly recommend this product for anyone who is frustrated and lives on a day to day basis with that backed-up feeling. Purchase these. And they're natural. I wish you could post pics on this thing, but that would be gross and funny. But at least it could make all of you believers.

  • - I've been taking DHEA for about 6 months.I haven't read the book yet but have experience of Dhea. What I find most remarkable is the difference between various brands. I have taken 3 different brands, all claiming to be close to 100% pure and of pharmecuetical grade. The first one I took was 50mg a day of NON micronised DHEA. The second was 50mg a day of micronised slow release DHEA and finally 25mg of micronised DHEA with bioavailability enhancing factors. The last is the most recent and I have not noticed any change in mood, libido, strength or weight loss. It is too early with this one to be sure however of the effect. Perhaps I need to increase the dose to 50Mg. The slow release DHEA seemed to have a strong effect in the head, making me feel quite strange at first but after a week or two I got used to it. Again I noticed litte advantage on the product. However a couple of friends of mine on a 25mg dose did experience good results with this version of DHEA, in particular my female friend, went back to a weight she hadn't been for 10 years and had her skin improve markedly. She also came out of a rotten hole of hormone problems she was having. The first DHEA I took was non micronised. This had by far the greatest effect on me. I lost weight, felt fitter and my mood and libido improved markedly. I think perhaps it was the conversion of the non micronised DHEA in the liver to Dhea sulphate and testosterone that was giving these results. The juries still out but I think the non micronised was better for me. Why not a product half and half? Better still coupled with pregnenalone as well. I would be interested to hear of any ones elses experience with these products.