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  • Brown Box Man - Great Single Serving BrewerI've had this for a few months now. My old coffee maker has been relagated to a back shelf. Although the variety of vue cups is still limited compared to the k-cup selection, I expect it to continualy grow during the next few years. I usually fill up the travel mug before heading off to work and have some great coffee to get me going in the morning.

    Cleanup is just discarding the vue cup (or recycling the plastic portion) and refilling the water container every few days. Not sure if it's worth upgrading if you have a k-cup model, but I'd definately take a look if you are searching for your first single serve coffee station.
  • tbtrfli - Amazing! Finally!Besides my 2 kids and husband, this is the 4th most amazing thing I have come in contact with! I felt a cold sore coming on at 2am and didnt have any Valtrex on hand. I was devastated... I HATE THESE THINGS! I immediately started applying Domeboro (my secret weapon). Its a powder you mix with water and it cuts the life of these things in half by completely drying them out. It still usually last a week though. I, as usual, jumped on the Internet to try and find a miracle. I ran across this product and was amazed by the reviews. I sent my husband out and applied it at 12pm that day. Within an hour I could feel a difference and the swelling had started to go down. By the next day it was almost GONE. AMAZING! Granted... I did catch it in the beginning and it hadn't opened yet. I'm sure this helped. It is now 3 days later and it's a tiny scab that will probably go away within a day or two. I was able to go out the next night with my head held high... usually I stay indoors for 2 weeks - no joke. Thank you, Orajel! Bravo!!
  • doug b. "db" - My review of a latte makerI like McD's lattes (more than Starbucks) and this comes pretty close to McD's. In a blind test, I don't know if I could tell them apart except this has froth and McD does not. I recommend this "especially" for the price. Best bang for the dollar among latte coffee machines. Seems to be well made in today's standards.