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  • Jen Street - Works Great!I work remotely for my company and they are a Microsoft-based company. I recently upgraded to 2011 primarily for Outlook. I was hoping that I'd finally be able to use Outlook with my work email. Before, since it was using a Microsoft Exchange Server, it didn't work with either my Mac's Mail program or Entourage. Once I got this, I was amazed by how easy it was to set up my work email and was even more thrilled by the fact that it actually worked. The one downside is that once I upgraded to Mountain Lion, I noticed that Outlook takes FOREVER (sometimes 5 minutes) to start up. Once it is finally up, it works fine. Sometimes, it'll start lagging, but then simply closing out of the program and restarting the program usually takes care of that. I wish MS would fix this bug. Overall, I recommend.
  • Tammie Bader - ExcellentI received a free sample of this on I woke up with a cold sore starting,I applied the Orajel single dose and omg by the end of the day it didn't get bigger. I get cold sores often and I have tried everything including valtrex and abreva and nothing stopped them as quick as this. Very good product!!!!
  • Djenkin8 - Great Book From A Class ActThis is a great read from start to finish, full of interesting stories and details to fill in the gaps in what fans already knew. As always Lange is a class act, never indicting that scumbag Howard Stern for using Lange's addiction as show content and failing to act sooner to prevent Lange's downward spiral. Lange's cries for help were not answered by his "bro".
  • TechnoWOW!!! - New discoveries in music... thanks Denon!On receipt, I promptly installed the Denon AKDL1 Dedicated Link Cable in my audio setup, following the provided directional arrows. I fired up my system and installed a few CDs, and to my amazement, the increased data rate and Denon pure signal technology revealed the following:

    1) Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, once thought to be 17 minutes, 5 seconds long is, in actuality 18 minutes, 35 seconds in length. In this extended sequence, Doug Ingle and Lee Dorman banter back and forth on whether there a god, and if so, why does he deny his own existence. I also was able to make out a very faint jaw harp solo around 10 minutes in, and the fade-in of a didgeridoo in the closing stanzas.

    2) All of Barry White's material was actually sung by a woman. And at least 100 of my friends agree.

    3) Although it is believed that the Beatles backmasked secret messages into some of their songs, the high-fidelity provided by the Denon AKDL1 revealed a normal message spanned across the White Album, consisting of Ringo and George reading "The Great Gatsby" using cockney rhyming slang and pig latin.

    I am extremely pleased at the quality of these cables, and I would definitely recommend them to my friends, family, pets and complete strangers.
  • Tim "clutch" - ordered Saturday night came Monday ,PM.WOW! Love this TV and it came so fast and I checked around and amazon's price could not be beat anywhere and with amazon charge 2 years same as cash with free shipping and picture on TV is like being there and I probably will never buy anything other than 1080P and with amazon prime for minimal $75 a year and free movies and if you have ereader all kinds of good reading free to your ereader and most shipping is free also on about anything you order and its so simple ,who would ever have thought that this could all be so easy and save money at same time ,its amazing what you can find on amazon everything from trailer hitches for your vehicles to computers and monitors to virus protection and now TV's ,well as you can guess I've been purchaseing things for about 7 years + and I believe its best deal in America and I do not nor have I ever worked for amazon or been prompted to write this kind of review ,I simply feel compelled to share with those of you that do not know the depth that this company will go to for the consumer .enough said.