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  • Michael P. Maslanka - InsightfulThis insightful book sets straight---in academic and thoughtful writing---the historical Jesus from the Jesus we know today. Historical:a disciple of John the Baptist, a man who sought to overthrow the Jewish priests and their Roman masters, and whose promise of God's Kingdom in his here and now was responsible for his execution. Excellent summary of how Jesus was one "messiah" among many claiming the mantle. Present day Jesus:a creation mostly of St. Paul, who drained Jesus of his esssential identity as an oppressed Jew, and fought a losing battle against James, the brother of Jesus. So why did St. Paul's view prevail? His letters were circulated in the 50s. After Titus obiterated the Jews and the temple in the 70s, the letters were the only extisting connection to Jesus. The writing about the political fights betwen St. Paul and James contain some of the best writing in the book. A must read for anyone interested in early Christinanity.
  • Lee - Cordless phones are great...My wife and I have been on the planet for eight decades, and we tend to hold onto stuff for a long time. Our old phone/answering machine was very old, and was much simpler. It finally died. It took us a few days to get used to the Panasonic features, but now we are really enjoying it. The speaker with a keyboard on the base station is perfect for ordering prescription drugs (which we old folks seem to need a lot of). We were delighted that we could adjust the number of rings before the answering machine kicks in. We hope this machine lasts a long time now that we've figured out how to use it.
  • Carl M. Rabbin - It comes from the best part of Tuscany, but....I find that ordering Tuscan milk from "", the Italian branch of Amazon, guarantees that you get the best Tuscan Milk. It is shipped direct from the factory in the beautiful Italian town of Sesto Fiorentino (L'archivio postunitario del Comune di Sesto Fiorentino (Cultura e memoria) (Italian Edition)) and,while the shipping costs are higher, you know you are getting fresh non-pasteurized, non-homogenized, no Vitamin D-added, milk ready for drinking while you eat Baci Perugina, 15 pieces, 7.5 oz (214 g) chocolates.

    This is best done in the winter, so you don't end up with a gallon of Tuscan Ricotta cheese (Sheep's Milk Ricotta Cheese Imported from Italy every week 3lb $39.95) by mistake.

    You can mix in a liter carton of wine shipped freshly packed from the Despar Supermarket in Rome's "Little Italy" neighborhood (also available on "") with the milk, and a dollop of Nutella Hazelnut Spread, 13-Ounce Plastic Jar (Pack of 5)or a generic substitute from the same supermarket, put on the movie Roman Holiday (Special Collector's Edition) or Gigli and you will feel like you are back in the Old Country Party Tyme Karaoke: Old Country, Vol. 1. Use ProRaso Whipped Cream (is that what it is?) and it's even tastier (Proraso Cream 5.2 oz (147 g))!
    UPDATE: The product description actually says: "While Milk".... Never mind....