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  • Rich Haney - A Frank and Engrossing Memoir by A Remarkable WomanElizabeth Smart's "My Story" is a delicate and soulful rendering, in her own words, of a dreadful misfortune that she survived and triumphed over. Her remarkable survival and triumph is abundantly evident in the awesomely beautiful, classy, composed, well-spoken, married, 26-year-old woman (her birthday was Nov. 3rd) she is today. As polite as she is, in the multiple television interviews to promote the book, she bristled when asked why she did not try to escape from the two sex fiends who had kidnapped her when it appeared she had some chances to do so. In the media interviews and in the pages of this book, she quite forcefully and adequately explains that, frankly, no one who had remotely been in her shoes would have asked such an insulting question. On Pages 190 and 191 she explains that never for a moment was she a victim of the "Stockholm syndrome" and that everything she did during the nine months of captivity was to survive. Victims like Elizabeth are 100% blameless and anyone who criticizes them in any manner is totally off-base for being crude or ignorant. Elizabeth during those nine months walked proudly in her shoes or sandals or barefoot, depending on the nefarious whims of her captors. Today as a beautiful, married young woman helping to educate others, she is still uniquely strong and proud. I salute her.
  • ~ - ugh great! <3Ugh, OMG it goes without saying... what Lesbian Romance doesn't Radclyffe write well!?!
    (But maybe I am biased, I am in the medical field so here stories suck me right in!) (FYI every bit of medical jargon in her books is accurate.)
    Anyway, I Loved THIS one! And I loved how characters were revisited later, it added to the readers commitment to what they were going through.