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  • Avid Reader - Chilling story that will keep you on the edge of your seatThis book pulled me in from the moment I picked it up! There was intrigue, suspense, and it was definitely a chilling page-turner. I hated to put the book down to do anything else and I felt so joyful every time I had the chance to sit down and read. That's the mark of a great book!

    Annie is a realtor just finishing up an open house when she's abducted by a stranger and taken to an isolated cabin on a mountain. The story is told through her sessions with her therapist so you know that somehow she eventually gets away from "the freak", but not without a great deal of long-term emotional trauma. As Annie reveals what happened to her on the mountain, the details of her harrowing experience are slowly revealed, but there are still more surprises to come with the police investigation and Annie's experience once she's home again. This book is compelling and shocking. Great read!!!
  • P. C. Elliot - Not your ordinary reader...I find it easy to use and read with. I have a really old kindle that I use when the batteries are charging on this one and I really can't wait to go back to this one from the older model. I like many of the tablet features too. This Kindle has actually replaced my heavier usage of my 10" tablet. It fits in my purse or lunch bag very easily.
  • Blackfist - Outstanding Product!!!This product is absolutely fantastic, after a few weeks of use I can definitely see an increase in energy and wellness. The taste is similar to the Green Machine by naked but with more of a hint of Oatmeal. My goal was to decrease my body fat and lose about 10 pounds..

    So after replacing one of my meals each day with this product, I went to the gym to weigh myself and I am happy that I weigh the same but look smaller and tons more energy (more lean muscle less fat). I also experimented taking this before a workout instead of eating and feeling bogged down and I am happy to say that the product is very effective and will be ordering again soon.

    I also wanted to add that I did not get headaches or feel hungry when I sampled this product in between eating normal meals..