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Country: Europe, MD, Moldova

City: Chişinău, Municipiul Chisinau

  • Sonali - My 6 week old LOVES itMy daughter is 6 weeks old and just loves this gym. Since she is still so young I haven't had much success getting her to play with infant toys yet. The first time couple of times I put her down on it she didn't realize that kicking her feet produced a sound on the keyboard but I think she is starting to notice. Tummy time with the mirror facing up has become more fun too. I highly recommend this product!
  • GW-MT - Love IT!!!!Purchased 6 of the Asus TF201 tablet to be used at work, a month later we purchased 6 iPad2 to be used at work. The Asus ran circles around the iPad2. Easier to setup,use, and manage than the iPad2. I used to take my laptop with me when I traveled, now I leave the laptop in my office and take the tablet instead. I'm the IT Director where I work, and I'm now looking at ways to make it interact/cross platform to the network. I see this replacing my workstation down the road. I recommend it to everyone who asks me what tablet I think is best.
  • jeanne - Glad I picked this one!!Perfect size, portable and movies play and sound amazing! This tablet may not have tons of bells and whistles but that is not what I wanted it for. I love movies and when I can't sleep at night I reach for this and find a favorite movie, place it(in its case) on my chest and kick back in my recliner and usually end up falling asleep! I just love my Kindle Fire HD!! Thanks Amazon!! :)