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  • Aparato SuperSonico - Not only for the content, but for the 180 gram remastering as wellFor those who own The Wall in their original vinyl pressing, or on the various CD releases since the 1980s, let me tell you that this 180 gram vinyl remastering is by far the BEST audio version I've heard of this album. The 180 gram LPs I bought came from the UK, a country that in my humble opinion, along with the Japanese and the Germans, manufacture the best quality vinyl in the world. The vinyl is extremely quiet and the sound is full - meaning it's neither bassy nor "tinny" - it is well balanced and I hear instruments previously buried in the early LP pressings and in the CDs. Though you can adjust your tone controls to your liking - set mine on flat - you can still hear the 15kHz tone from the TV in the track "One Of My Turns". Highly recommended if you can afford it. And if you can't, put it on the credit card before they're all gone and then end up on auction sites for a 3 digit sum.
  • Jule Kijek - Every inch an IpadI had wanted an Ipad Mini for a while. I have a 10" android tablet but it is a bit heavy for reading my Kindle books on. It was also not as easy to connect to free wi-fi hot spots. The mini is super easy to connect to the free wi-fi connections at my favorite coffee haunts. I have an Ipod touch but it is just too small to read books on for long periods of time. It is fine to quickly check web pages but not for prolonged browsing. (Aging eyes) I debated about waiting for the predicted "retina display" on the Mini 2. On comparing the retina display Ipad to its non retina-display counter part I decided that the difference was not THAT great. The only time I could tell was on video playback. On that I could see a substantial difference.The retina display Ipad was MUCH better. Since what I want to use the Mini for will be #1: Reading my Kindle books and #2: Web browsing, I did not feel it was worth a possible 6 month wait for a retina display mini. I bought a keyboard case so that I can type emails easier on it. Will I regret not waiting for the retina display mini? Maybe, time will tell. If you are forever waiting for the next great thing you will never buy anything.
  • L. Tomk "Shopping Fool" - Great for photo slideshows and moviesI checked out the reviews on programs for creating movies and photo slide shows and bought another (MagicX) before this one. After struggling with MagicX for a month I threw in the towel and went back to Roxio. Roxio Creator 2011 does it all. It gives an option for adding your own music and makes slideshows so easy. I love this program and highly recommend it. A little pricey but well worth every penny. Many options for creating many things, love it!