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  • NewGuy 2012 - Best boost for Newbee get the 10-22WOW
    I had my T3I about 4 months with Kit lens and after reading every review and every lens description I finally ordered an additional lens (Cost almost as much as the camera)and picked the 10-22, I was amazed at what it did for indoor and outdoor shots, includes everything in the shot (Wide) that was impossible with my Iphone, kit lens, or Powershot that I had experienced before. I know nothing and I am brand new at this, once this lens rocked my world I thought: give me more, I ended up buying the 50 MM and the 55-250 all good for special purposes but nothing as amazing as the Wide Angle boost of the 10-22. I am just learning that a good filter adds a lot of value, they say forget the junk and the filter for this lens is $75 min (ouch), now I just have to learn to use these great tools.
  • BK and Val - Great resourceI am a medical transcriptionist, and usually buy the Drake and Drake Pharmaceutical book each year. Couldn't find one this year though, so went back to Quick Look and very happy I did.
  • DC_Fan_52 "-Weasel!" - My Computer Guy RecommendsA few years ago I had some problems with my PC and my computer guy told me that Kaspersky is the best Antivirus Program on the market. I bought it and I've been a loyal customer ever since.

    Some of my friends like that Free Antivirus software you can download in places, but then every year I hear them say, "I had to blow up my computer. I caught a virus." Ninety-nine percent of the time, prevention is the best protection, so invest in Kaspersky and get peace of mind.

    It's very user friendly. I like to have the "Gadget" on my "Sidebar." When the light is Green - Everything is fine. When the light is Yellow - there are some problems (usually, it's because I haven't turned on my computer in a few days and the database needs to be updated). And when the light is Red - you have a virus, in which case it gives you instructions on what to do. Then, I like to run a "Full Scan" just to be sure.

    It also has three types of scans: Quick Scan, Full Scan, and Vulnerability Scan. The Vulnerability Scan is new to this version, and as it says, it scans for vulnerabilities and tells you how to fix it (Most of the time, you press a button labeled "Fix It," other times, it leads you to a webpage that tells you how to fix it).

    For those of us that aren't "Computer Guys" (Or "Computer Gals") I can't recommend it enough. I'm sticking with Kaspersky forever.
  • MICHELLE SMITH - Great way of livingI bought this book to get to loose weight. It has helped so much more. I have lost 15 lbs and still loosing. My husband had a daily cough that numerous doctors could not help. Buy changing our way of eating it has almost totally gone away. He used to have 10-12 cough drops a day. Now he goes with days without having not even one. It is quite some work for the first 20 days, but then it starts to become 2nd nature to the way we eat. It is really worth trying.
  • Daniel Aberle "Singed Phoenix" - Singed Phoenix's Review: Kaplan GMAT 2011I really don't know how I'm going to review this product without taking the exam, and seeing my score to give you an idea of how this helped. However, since this book has a section on critical reasoning, one would have to wonder if my score was derived from the aid of this book or my own abilities? I've gone over this book front and back for the last two months and one word describes it perfectly...extensive. If anything, if you're not intimidated by the GMAT exam, this book will make sure you are. It goes over the material that you might find, then goes over it again, then again, then when you think you have it mastered, there are more practice tests in the back to make sure you know where you're at.

    What impresses me the most about this book is the value. For such a small price, you get so much content from multiple sources. The book is perfect, but the addition of the CD-ROM and online help goes above and beyond what is expected. (Note: for $5 more, you can get a flashcard app for your iPhone).

    Usually, I'm very critical about my purchases, and I can find a flaw here and there, but holy wow on a stick, this book is essentially perfect. As far as I can see, I can see no flaws, and it deserves my five-star rating. Granted, I'm not slated to take the GMAT until next month, so we'll see.