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  • Samuel D. Uretsky "Samskara" - Almost All PurposeA computer should be as easy to use as a refrigerator (I think Steve Jobs said that, or something very like it, first.) So far, in spite of our increased dependence on computers and the Internet, the machines need regular service and a degree of understanding. This is fine for people who are both computer literate and somewhat obsessive -- it's not good for those of us who are not, who are getting on in years and don't understand this stuff, but use computers anyway. At least now the industry has begun to understand us. Companies offering reasonably priced cloud backup are one valuable service, and Norton 360 is another. Simply, it combines routine protection features with routine maintenance. It won't do everything, but it seems to come closer than anything else on the market. It's essentially a set it, forget it program that runs invisibly, blocking malware and tuning up your computer.

    I can't vouch for the quality of the settings, although Norton routinely ranks well in reports by testing services and ratings by magazines. While no program seems to catch every virus, Norton seems to be one of the best. I presume it also has good settings for computer maintenance services. From the user's viewpoint, it runs almost invisibly in the background. I've read that it slows down the computer, but I haven't noticed any diminution in performance from mine, a mid-grade laptop used primarily for e-mail and web browsing. Videos are smooth and spreadsheet calculations seem as fast as ever.

    When I started using it, I had one objection -- it might be too good, in any event it was too invisible. I wanted it to say something, do something, let me know I was on the job. Lately I've seen small boxed messages turn up in the lower right corner of my monitor, telling me that my PC is tuned up, or that a large download is slowing things down.

    The best analogy I can make is with my car. My mechanic puts a little sticker on the windshield telling me when to bring the car in for the next service. When I do bring it in, he follows the owners manual. The car is now 10 years old and I'm completely satisfied and expect to get another 10 years out of it. I have essentially the same feelings about this program -- those guys know what to do, let them do it. I have no complaints.
  • melanie riley - WE LOVE THIS..Best kid tablet I ever bought has lots of different things to do they love the camera,the apps you can purchase are $5-7-10 or you can buy $25 ones like at the can put movies,music and ebooks on it along with games,creativity, works best if you get the recharger pack for it it also has headphones you can buy for car rides.It cost a little bit to put all the extra apps on it but is well worth the money they really like playing it and it is made just for kids I would suggest it to everyone who has a child.