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  • B. Furman - A smile saverAll the previous reviews are absolutely true. I had a huge piece of enamel chip off my front crown and had absolutely no problems molding it over the metal base. Can't tell a difference; but just like a lot of other reviewers said, warm it in tea so it will absorb the color a bit and look more natural.
    Thank you for the awesome product that saved me a lot if money
  • theosdoren - 6 stars out of 5!!!!!!!this tablet is great, fast, powerful, and great to look at! the only problem is I've never really used android before this and Google does not provide tutorials on how to use it, but that has nothing to do with the quality of the Asus Transformer Prime.
  • Alyssa - Nifty little machineThis is a really nifty machine. You simply use this machine to carbonate water and then add soda mix.

    There are so many kinds of soda mix flavors, and none of them contain high fructose corn syrup or aspartame. There's diet (sweetened with splenda), regular (sweetened with 2/3 sugar and 1/3 splenda, sparkling naturals (sweetened with pure cane sugar), and my water flavor essence (no sweeteners). I can taste the splenda in the diet and the regular flavors, so I personally prefer the sparkling natural flavors & the my water flavor essence flavors. The machine should come with a sampler kit, so you can see which ones you like before buying them. Unfortunately, the sparkling natural flavors and the My Water Essence flavors don't come in the sampler kit. To further tailor soda to your liking, you can control the amount of carbonation.

    I highly recommend this particular machine, but before making the commitment to buy, I think that you should be aware of a few things:

    1. It comes with a carbonator, which can be placed into and removed from the machine easily. Anyway, it's good for about 60L or 120 half L bottles, so eventually you'll have to either purchase a spare (usually about $30) or trade your old cylinder in through an exchange program (usually around $15). You can either trade it in at a participating retailer or via UPS. A list of participating retailers can be found at
    2. The sampler that should come with the machine only makes 1L of each of 6 mixes. Individual bottles of soda mix usually cost about $5, and each bottle makes about 12 L of soda. You can view all of the flavors at
    3. The sparkling natural bottles are about twice the size as the other mixes and are a little bit more expensive than the other mixes. The sparkling natural flavors make fewer servings than the regular and diet flavors. Also, unlike the regular and diet flavors, they are supposed to be refrigerated after opening.
    4. I've seen them cheaper in stores & on SodaStream's website.