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  • Mike P. "mikep007" - PLAY BALL!!!!As an avid baseball fan and rotissierie player (22 years now), this is my all time favorite book. It's the only thing I actually pre-order every year, religiously. I also prefer it in paperback, despite the fact all my other books are in Kindle form -- it's simply that kind of book.

    If you don't know, this is a statistician's bible: it contains several articles on the state of statistical analysis then presents each team and over 2,2100 individual players. Each team section contains a few pages analyzing the team's performance and potential for 2013, and the players are divided alphabetcally by hitter and pitchers -- the last of the team section summarizes the manager's performance and includes minor league names and commentary as well. Each of the player section analyzes performance and offers predictions based on statistical analysis. Here's the best part: the text accompanying each player's stats is witty, insightful and just plain fun -- it's not dry but instead a good source of witty humor and observation from a qualitative perspective.

    First, from the rotissiere baseball player perspective, it's a must have. But be clear: it's not a replacement for all your spreadsheets or online data. It augments it. Your spreadsheets will tell you so-and-so is in for a big season and this statiscal tome will tell you not to get too excited. I've often found this book's predictions to be noticeably lower than other sources, but it's all because of the nature of statistical analysis. The best value for roto owners is that you can use it to doublecheck your draft strategy and check to see if you really like the players you think you do! I bring it to the draft and throw out the funniest sarcastic lines from the book.

    Second, any baseball fan will enjoy the articles and player notes -- while it's definately heavy on the math and prediction, the articles, team descriptions and player analysis are completely worthwhile, even if you don't give a whit about stats.

    Play Ball!
  • Joseph A. Higgs - Please add 75 more stars to my above rating.Two years ago my son was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at the age of two and a half years. The doctor explained it and all the info I could get pointed to a bleek, BLEEK future for him and my wife and I. This diet has provided the cornerstone of our sanity as it has virtually ended the symptoms of this truly wretched disease and he is growing wonderfully and is a truly beautiful sight to see. I have spent so many hours in so many books over the last two years I feel like I have been to UC college. It never seases to amaze me how corrupted our food supply is with sugar and additives (both of which set my son off). Just try and buy food without them. Even the salt we used had sugar. Mrs. Gottshall is a true heroin to me. Her book brings home the power of truth. I am not anyone special in society and information of this power being available to me gives me hope and a even greater respect for the old saying "information is power". Sincerely, Joe Higgs